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    New to Green Egg

    Thanks for all the info. I did add wood at the bottom but not enough. The main reason I picked this egg up was for doing long cooks and not babysitting it. I'm very impressed with how the heat is managed with so little fuel. I have a reverse flow smoker that I built that works great but for...
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    New to Green Egg

    I have a large BGE I purchased used from a friend at church for a decent price. I've done a ew cooks and have a pretty good handle on controlling temperature and am very happy with how long it will maintain temperatures. This past weekend I did a pork butt and the pull was great but it has no...
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    Pork Butt Today

    Looks great. What temperature did you run the egg at?
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    The seven deadly Spices

    dsl1, I was surprised myself that there was not paprika in it and when I asked for Baharat I gathered that it was a generic term for spice. I used it in a meat roll up for tomorrow and I'm on a learning curve to determine how much to use so I don't over power the meat.
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    The seven deadly Spices

    Reviving a old post here. I'm a newbie here and I built my own stick burner and I now know what they mean when people say "they never should have started smoking" I was a church fund raising recently and a women had some meat rolls similar to egg rolls. They had a distinct flavor. She said it...
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    Another Brisket

    Killer smoke ring! What rub did you use?
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    Fire keeps going out...

    I'm a new to smoking. It sounds like you need to get a good coal bed going and add the wood sooner or the wood is still wet.
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    Hello from Highland Michigan

    Hi there, I'm a newbe here and from michigan. I'm new to smoking(7month's). I built my own reverse flow smoker and will post up pictures later. From my name here I have been in the compressed air business forever. I'm also into motorcycles and guns and generally politically incorrect lol...
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