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  1. clifish

    adding PID to an older Smokey Hollow

    what size tube connecting is that? looks smaller than 3"
  2. clifish

    adding PID to an older Smokey Hollow

    I will have to address the lack of airflow when I mod it, Right now there is only a 7/8" hole at the top back for exit. Do I want the mailbox to enter the bottom or the lower side of the smoker?
  3. clifish

    adding PID to an older Smokey Hollow

    yeah I am waiting for the eventual wire burn out I read about
  4. clifish

    adding PID to an older Smokey Hollow

    Thanks man! All I need to do now is the mailbox mod...I have the amps tray and tube but still don't quite like the smoke profile I get...I still might keep my eye out for a good used WSM even if just to play around with charcoal/real wood.
  5. clifish

    adding PID to an older Smokey Hollow

    Thanks...so is it as simple as plugging in the current smoker with it set to high and setting the temp on pid (after probe is in place) and thats it?
  6. clifish

    adding PID to an older Smokey Hollow

    I believe it is a 1500 watt...so I see the one I referenced is only 1100 would an 1800 watt version of the one I listed work?
  7. clifish

    adding PID to an older Smokey Hollow

    I know PID have numerous threads here and I have looked into a bunch of them. My questions is I have a Smokey Hollow below with a rheostat type of controller. Could I add the inkbird controller listed below, plug the cord from the smoker (I imagine keeping the rheostat set to max) into the...
  8. clifish

    Can I reheat a tri tip just by reverse searing?

    Looks good to me! Love me some tri-tip anytime.
  9. clifish

    New Smoker to the site

    My Cousin went to Cazenovia probably 1987-89, I visited a couple times pretty cool 6:1 girl to guy ratio then.
  10. clifish

    New Smoker to the site

    Welcome from Long Island, wife and I graduated from Oswego so have driven through Fulton many, many times. Was especially nice back in the day when Nestle was there and you could smell the chocolate....I know I am dating myself.
  11. clifish

    Pre-Seasoning for a SV

    I am also awaiting some replies. I can tell you so far I have mostly smoked some of my meat (tri-tip, bottom round, Picanha) to 110 deg. Vac pac/froze, then SV to 132 and reverse seared and was awesome. I would also love to know the "boundary" of seasoning before SV as well?
  12. clifish

    Another Pay it Forward Giveaway - Victorinox

    That is awesome, I have a couple victorinox pairing knives and they are great, the slicer must be super also. Thanks for doing this! OK not a brisket but below is a Picanha/coulotte Brazilian roast I just picked up, the second pic is in the smoker with a couple of bottom round roasts. I would...
  13. clifish

    Anyone cook Coulotte Steak

    I will do that on one of them.. I had never heard of this cut until one of the meat workers suggested it. Restaurant depot is a chain of warhouses that sells to restaurants and is not open to the public. They are "lenient" on membership (free) but you need to qualify for an account with some...
  14. clifish


    No does not count...but if it was for lunch we will give you a pass...lol. I love pretzels but this damn diabetes puts a damper on everything......carbs are king!
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