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    Thoughts on best wood for smoking?

    I get my chip mix from work. They give it to me in 55 gallon drums. I found it to be the best all around mix for everything. Oak, Hickory and Mesquite. Mixed at 70/20/10. I use it on all my cuts and all my meat. No muss and fuss trying to figure out what goes with what meat. Kinda makes it...
  2. chefrc


    I've been using a Wood Burner, a deep coffee mug and an old beer cooler. Works real good. I just smoked 4 lbs yesterday with apple wood.
  3. chefrc

    Where do you buy your wood?

    Agreed alelover I enjoy smoking with all woods, but since it's free I can't complain.
  4. chefrc

    Where do you buy your wood?

    I work in a Research Center for a large Paper Company. I get all of my wood chips free. Then I mix them 70 % Oak, 20% Mesquite and 10% Hickory and deliver to my Smokehouse in 55 gallon Plastic Drums. I haven't found a better mix yet. Goes great with everything
  5. chefrc

    Dill pickles are too soft,,,why?

    You need Tannin (Keeps the pickles super crisp) Now the easiest form of Tannin (without buying it) is Grape leaves. When I can pickles I go down to my Aunts and she has a Grape Harvard and gives me all the leaves I want. Usually the grapes are almost done anyway by canning season around here...
  6. chefrc

    First Brisket in new Smoker - Q-View

    I would be proud to have this for supper. That is so pretty. You did a beautiful job. You should be proud
  7. chefrc

    Great-Grannys Tranparent Pie

    Did y'all try the pie? I dearly love it and it is great for Christmas
  8. chefrc

    Smoked pickles

    I am going to have to try them before I shoot them down. I love all the ingreidents, so what's not to love?
  9. chefrc

    Potato Bomb

    I have made these and they are the Bomb!!! I coming to your house they look fantastic
  10. chefrc

    Turkey day fiasco made me a total brining believer

    Glad the Baby is doing well. Been Brining Turkeys for 20 years. Turkey is a bland meat. Brining them makes them juicy and taste magnifique. If you never brined one you never truely tasted Turkey
  11. chefrc

    What did everyone do for Thanksgiving?

    Brined a 21 lb Turkey for 24 hrs and smoked it until it reached 170 degrees. I also smoked a 10lb spiral cut ham and man was it great. Hope you all had a good one too!!
  12. chefrc

    Great-Grannys Tranparent Pie

    Transparent Pie My Great Garnny Made this. I just had a friend who had lost this recipe. And is very happy I had it. Ingredients1/2 cup margarine, melted1 1/2 cups white sugar4 eggs1 tablespoon distilled white vinegar1 teaspoon vanilla extract1 (9 inch) pie shell DirectionsIn a medium bowl...
  13. chefrc

    Oxidation on pots, pans, etc

    Bleach ( Sodium Hypochlorite ) Is the only chemical that will pit Stainless Steel. Believe it or not it will rust Stainless Steel. I ran a milk processing machine once for a while and Bleach was not allowed in the lab as a cleaner on Stainless. Most dishwashing detergents contain Sodium Silacate...
  14. chefrc

    Fall 2010 OTBS Members

    Congrats  to the both of you . A fine desision in my book
  15. chefrc

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    My given name in Tsalgi ( Cherokee ) Means (Man of the Earth). My Brother in Law hung me with RC in 1970 and it just took. My Mother called me that until the day she passed. Because I cooked so good and all the time, They called me Chef- Boy -RC. I shortened it to Chefrc
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