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  1. chefloydb

    Hey All

    Welcome kinda funny just got back from NE this morning
  2. chefloydb

    my new project

    http://bbq.netrelief.com/pits/metalp..._bbq_pit.shtml there is the link for plans to build the original pictured would be the same principle right?
  3. chefloydb

    New guy from Buffalo

    welcome congrats on your new project
  4. chefloydb

    Chicken Breasts

    Looks Great. 2 hrs for ckn breasts is about what i run mine for i do alot of ckn breasts nobody here likes the dark meat.
  5. chefloydb


    first id like to say Welcome goose. I use a chargriller myself as far as whole logs its not "required" you can use lump charcoal or pretty much whatever to heat. Just add chips or chunk wood for the actual smoke. however if you use chips you might want to buy a cast iron smoke box or wrap in...
  6. chefloydb

    smoking different things together...

    I mix and match as well. For some reason though i tend to put things in order of contamination risk (even though its all going to 165 or above)
  7. chefloydb

    Hello everyone!! Lisa from Colorado.

    Welcome Lisa! looking forward to your posts "Where does the shine come out from?...." Myself i try to keep it inside in a pressure canner out of view from those pesky neighbors. lol
  8. chefloydb

    My first pulled pork a success

    Congrats looks great.
  9. chefloydb

    Who Smokes Venison ?

    SMF - Smoking Meat Forums > Smoking Meat (and other things) > Wild Game click wild game, below the few threads there is a box that says display options change in the from The box to begining. I'm not sure but i dont thing deer will take brining verry well. as far as a roast I would go low and...
  10. chefloydb

    Happy Birthday Squeezy

    Happy Birthday Squeezy! Be safe and have fun
  11. chefloydb


    Welcome looking forward to your posts
  12. chefloydb

    Bad News :(

    I'm sorry for you and your family. My heart goes out to you.
  13. chefloydb

    Who Smokes Venison ?

    I like to grill the backstraps like a filet S&P then on the grill. the only problem is you really should take to at least MW
  14. chefloydb

    Locust, Black walnut, Beech

    Debi I don' think you get locust up in CT. I know i didn't see any in RI when i lived there. Locusts are basicly a tree with big angry thorns lol i've never heard of honey locust being called a honey tree it does make my favorate honey =-) though. thaks for the chart Debi. I thought walnut...
  15. chefloydb

    Locust, Black walnut, Beech

    I have some property that needs some clearing to make ready to build a house. The trees there are mostly honey and black locust, Black walnut, Hickory, oak, and some beech. I was wondering if anyone knew anything about smoking with the walnut, locust or beech? I know locust burns hotter than...
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