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    No boil Macaroni Mac & cheese

    I looked and did not see the answer to my question. Waht is meant by 2 cups of elbow macaroni? are we saying 16oz? or pouring the noodles on a measuring cup and actuially using two measued cupsw?
  2. buzzard

    Buzzard Is Back .... Again

    Howdy all.  I was on here a lot when the site first started.  Then I got married.  Then divorced so I came back.  Then Married.  Now Im back again! o_0. Just wanted to say howdy and good to see everyone again.  Hopefully I did not lose my spot in OTBS.   I have lost two smokers to divorces but...
  3. buzzard

    First Bacon on a Stick

    "She Who Must Be Obeyed" HA!  An instant new classic! Now I am mad because I do not have time to make these right now and I will not be able to sleep thinking about their goodness.  Great detailed presentation.  Thank you.
  4. buzzard

    Saying Hello again

    And Disco I will be more then happy to share what ever information I am no master but I have been smoking, on several different smokers, for years now and have some decent little tricks up my sleeve.
  5. buzzard

    Saying Hello again

    nice.  Maybe some weekend we can meet up for a quick smoke.
  6. buzzard


    Glad you joined.  I did just as you did.  was on here all the time and got great info so I decided to become an active part of the group. I did buy Jeff's rub recipe just to support the site, it is a great one. I would love to see pics of your new mistress.
  7. buzzard

    Saying Hello again

    I wanted to say hello to everyone again.  I was on this site when it first started, which happened to be when I started smoking for the first time.   But divorce got the best of me and I lost my smoker in the process but the yearning for smoking held strong in my blood and I am back to the...
  8. buzzard

    Quest to build the perfect reverse flow conversion NBBD texas new braunsfels

    I was thinking the plate going up sounded a little off but i have just not seen it done yet my original thinking was to slope it down a little and have your drain pipe there for easy cleaning or just level like i have seen most.  i like the idea of the second plate, would hold more heat for a...
  9. buzzard

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    mine is simple its my last name.   I do go by OSU Buzz a lot, for Ohio State University Buzz in emails and different websites if i can not get Buzzard.  i was one of the lucky ones who started smoking just about the time this page was created.  i remember when it was a big deal when we hit 1000...
  10. buzzard

    Where White Man Went Wrong

  11. white_man_wrong.jpg


  12. buzzard

    new site i found Man Tested Recipes . com

    http://mantestedrecipes.com/ some friends and myself have tried several recipes from here and so far they are all good. i want to try this burger sometime when my bank will loan me some money to afford all the stuff that goes into it...
  13. buzzard

    Mold in smoker

    when this happened to mine, i simply took a scraper, scraped the inside fairly clean and got rid of the mold by  trying to feed it to a wild cat that will not leave my house alone (did not work)  then i got that smoker as hot as i could. i am allergic to mold and did not want to take any...
  14. buzzard

    Gloves for handling meat

    i have used these and love them i have had different types of heat resistance gloves, like the OvGlove and such. when rubbing my meat i like to go bare handed.  kinda like when i mix things i use my hands as opposed to a spoon (unless its cake batter or something).  i guess it just make me...
  15. buzzard

    Brisket - When to start?

    i agree with the safe then sorry.  sometimes you get that stubborn piece of meat.  i usually have great luck with having a 12 lbr done at about 10-12 hours then do the cooler thing for about 3 or 4 hours or more.  i usually like to pull mine more though then slice and if you have it done early...
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