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    How I light my AMNPS w/ video link

    The hair dryer works great... I absconded with the ex's a year ago and have been using it successfully with my AMNPS ever since. 
  2. bugz13

    First smoke on my Weber Smokey Mountains with Q-view!

    Same here in SoCal... High 80s all week and smokin! Nice setup and great job on the Q.
  3. bugz13

    Why is Franklin BBQ in austin so good?

    Hey, I've been with Aaron when he was seasoning up his briskets... it's really only salt & pepper (and a fairly light sprinkling at that). Sorry to disappoint you JWG... that's just how it is.
  4. bugz13

    Why is Franklin BBQ in austin so good?

    Peach paper is a type of butcher paper (also know as steak paper) used to keep meats fresher for longer.  Here's a link to Peach Paper at the Web Restaurant Store: http://www.webstaurantstore.com/18-x-800-peach-treated-butcher-paper-roll/43318PEA.html
  5. bugz13

    Why is Franklin BBQ in austin so good?

    His brisket really is the Holy Grail of BBQ. I've been smoking brisket for over 25 years and have been eating it all over the country for much longer than that... Aaron's brisket is the best that I've ever had... but I'm working on it!
  6. bugz13

    Best Beginner Charcoal Smoker

    I'm going to have to chime in and agree with the folks recommending the WSMs. I'm in SoCal and there are always buying opportunities on CraigsList. Check it out in your area. I just checked my local CraigsList and found the following: 22.5" - 1 @ $325 - 1 @ $300 - 1 @ $250 // 18" - 1 @ $230 - 1...
  7. bugz13

    will a AMNPS work in a 18.5 wsm?

    Actually the 12" A-Maze-N Tube smoker works great in both the 18" and the 22.5" WSMs for smoking cheese (ice in the water pan). It runs for about 4 hours on one load of pellets; that seems to be plenty of time for my smoked cheese. Hope this is helpful.
  8. bugz13

    weber smokey mountain smoker

    What thermometer are you using to track the smoker temperature and where are you placing the probe? Can make a big difference.
  9. bugz13

    Smoked Sea Urchin & Wheat-free Spaghetti With Kale!

    Wow Leah, That looks fantastic... I've never even considered smoking uni. Going to try something similar next weekend.  Cheers, Bugz
  10. bugz13

    My first pork shoulder! (Picnic cut)

    Great job on the Butt... and good luck on your Brisket this weekend. I tried Jeff's Smoked Brisket & Burnt Ends recipe last weekend, for a change, and found that it turned out marvelously... my friends loved it. http://goo.gl/3nkvjP 
  11. bugz13

    Country Style Ribs (CSRs)

    Why did I look at this? I'm so damn hungry now... nice job Bear!
  12. bugz13

    got my amznps!

    I've been smoking various cheeses in my 22.5" WSM using the A-Maze-N Tube smoker on the charcoal rack with the water pan full of ice. Great results every time. Tip: Vacuum pack the cheese immediately after smoking and let it "age" in your fridge for a few weeks before consuming; this allows the...
  13. bugz13

    Finally made some respectable ribs - Q view

    Looking great Cody... Congrats!
  14. bugz13

    stumps or superior smoker?

    Just caught your post. If you haven't already pulled the trigger... go for the Stump's Smoker. It's the truly superior product. I have a good friend that cooks on the Stump's Junior. I'm so darned impressed with it that I now saving up for the Classic. 
  15. bugz13

    Royal Oak Lump Charcoal

    Thanks Overground. Yes, I actually did just pick up 600 pounds. The sale price here at Home Depot was $12.88 for 40 pounds. But in some parts of the country the Blue Bags get down as low as $9 for the same thing. 
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