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  1. budking

    How did you come up with your screen name?

    I'm just a big Kenny Bernstein fan.  Also, name given to me in college for some reason :).
  2. budking

    Coke Injection

    I did it once with Cherry Coke and another time with Dr. Pepper.  They came out great, I spritzed them as well with Dr. Pepper and some added spices.  I haven't tried Jeffs Rub before with this kind of injection, but I bet they come out good. Best of luck if you go for it.
  3. budking

    60th Birthday Party QVIEW! PP, Ribs, Brisket, Fatties...Giddy Up!

    Texas Boy here...Yeah I spanked him in the rib category, as well as most beers drank by a mammal in 6 hours.  Good times. Also, that picture of me is terrible, I was way drunker than that.
  4. budking

    This is what I smoked last weekend w/Q-View

    Wicked. Nice Job Dude.
  5. budking

    Mom's 60th Birthday Party...Am I Making Enough Food? Or Too Much...

    We should probably get more.  Your family is like the Klumps when you all eat.
  6. budking

    For My Mother In Law

    Hey, You could say that this is for my mom in law, but they like the way the food comes out of my GOSM and were looking into getting one of their own...most likely I'll be using it the most. Has anyone had any chance to use this as of yet and any feedback? We saw this at Bass Pro the other...
  7. budking

    I'm On My Way To Dallas

    If you're out my way you could try the Feedstore in Southlake or Up N Smoke in Keller. Not really near Arlington, but figured I should mention them. Good stuff. http://www.feedstorebbq.com/ & http://www.upnsmokebbq.com/ JamesB mentioned BassPro in Grapevine...if you do head that way to get a...
  8. budking

    Sunday Smokeoff - Overnighter

    On the edge of my seat waiting to hear the results and see some Qview...actually kind of concerned, you're not suffering from some sort of meat overdose are you?
  9. budking

    Sunday Smokeoff - Overnighter

    You should have made an extra fattie, just to spike it on the ground while you do a funky endzone dance once you win this thing.
  10. budking

    Brisket is a little dry...

    Ha ha...gullet...
  11. budking

    What's your occupation?

    Misfit. Oh, and I work for the worlds largest Mutual Fund Company Monday thru Friday...gotta keep busy some how.
  12. budking

    Daytona 500 smoke...QVIEW!!

    Bud Heavies and Beef Ribs. My kind of day. Post some more pics!!
  13. budking

    Monster Grill but....

    So my buddy was talking about getting one of these today... http://www.homedepot.com/webapp/wcs/...+2080+10401025 He'd like to use it for everything, grilling, rotisserie AND Smoking. I have never used a traditional grill for smoking and wanted to get some feedback on it. I did tell him that...
  14. budking

    Pizza Fattie with Dough Question

    Yes, I've done this with all the fatty's I've made. Cook the fatty all the way first. I then usually take it out and let it sit for about 10 or 15 minutes before putting it on the dough. (the dough didn't take a real liking to it when it was blazing hot, the first time I tried it) Wrap it up...
  15. budking

    Daytona 500

    Too bad it was the Daytona 380 and not 500 this year. Meh. Wish Jr. had finished better, but hey, at least KyBu didn't win it.
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