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  1. Pulled Pork Sunday - Trial Run

    Pulled Pork Sunday - Trial Run

  2. bradssmokeshak

    Pulled Pork Sunday - Trial Run

    I forgot to add pic. It was taken after i pulled from smoker. It fell into pieces when i removed from smoker. Its the best one i have ever made. Burnt ends made baked beans amazing
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  4. bradssmokeshak

    Pulled Pork Sunday - Trial Run

    I dont put it in a towel or a cooler. I smoke mine without putting in pan or aluminum foil. I cook to 205-210. Thats when i take it out of smoker then let it rest on stove for 45 mins or so. Thats when i wrap it is while it rests. So maybe if ya dont put it in a pan and when ya pull it from...
  5. bradssmokeshak

    My first baby backs

    Honestly i had been searching for a great rub idea. And my goo friend whom got me into smoking. Showed me a 7 min. Clip on a st. Lious company hat makes theres this way. I dont know exact measurements they used but, i have kinda concocted my own. So yes maybe too much sugar but they turned out...
  6. My first baby backs

    My first baby backs

  7. bradssmokeshak

    My first baby backs

    Started smoking only a year ago. So i figured i would try the coveted nbaby backs. I make my own rub with 3 sugars and a hand full of spices. Made the glaze with this rub and some bbq sauce i made from scratch about 3 weeks ago. Juicy and tender. What do yall think. First image is last years...
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  10. bradssmokeshak

    Too dry. Little help

    Ooh see this whole time i thought you had to cook pork to 180 like i do when i do pork shoulders for pulled pork
  11. bradssmokeshak

    Too dry. Little help

    Okay i was smoking a porkloin. It was about 7 lbs. I used a sweet rub i created. I also injected it the night before with an apple juice base with my rub mixed in. Okay so i figured that would make it juicy throughout the smoking process. I was wrong. Kept temp in my propane smoker around...
  12. bradssmokeshak

    practice for christmas.

    I sugest putting your favorite toppings.what ever ya like. It was amazing. Gonna try one with pineapple and cinnamon. Maybe some almonds.
  13. bradssmokeshak

    practice for christmas.

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