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    Larry from West Palm Beach

    Welcome from Delray Beach. I too have a vision kamodo type grill. Love it. holds the temp for hours the thick white smoke only when wood chunks first start to burn.
  2. bluefrog

    Vision Grill

    I have a vision grill that I use several times WEEK. I Love it. no problems, holds temp for hours etc.
  3. bluefrog

    What you guys think of this unit?

    My wife has an old slow cooker that is a bbase (the heating unit) and a separate metal pot. use the pot and my stick type sv unit. The sv unit is a KITCHEN GIZMO brand, less than a hundred dollars. works great.
  4. bluefrog

    Questions on using wood chunks

    I find that when chunks first catch fire and are flaming up you get thick white smoke. Once the chunks become coals the smoke is the thin blue smoke everyone desires. I put meat on before it turns to thin blue with no ill effects.
  5. bluefrog

    Dave from south Florida. Just joined Smoker going as we speak!

    welcome from Delray Beach!
  6. bluefrog

    Palm City, Fl newbie

    welcome to the forum from Delray Beach.
  7. bluefrog

    South Florida

    Welcome from Delray Beach, Fl. I'm also from S.C. originally. Wife drug me to S. Florida.
  8. bluefrog

    AMZNPS went out over night

    Ditto! I always put my pellets or dust in the microwave spread out thin for a minute or so on high to dry them out completely.
  9. bluefrog

    Finally—-Eye Round in the SV (Fork Tender!!)

    I followed Bears post 130 degrees for 17 hours...Fork tender and delish. Hard to belive how tender this piece of meat was and still med. rare.
  10. bluefrog

    Quick question on aluminum pans

    When we have a large gathering, I serve pulled pork with a vinegar finishing sauce in disposable aluminum pans. I also smoke baked beans in these pans also. No off taste and they both get rave reviews.
  11. bluefrog

    Just smoked my VERY FIRST EVER

    Welcome from South Florida!
  12. bluefrog

    Camo Smoker

    Great paint job...but won't you have trouble finding the smoker with it camoed so well?
  13. bluefrog

    Howdy from S Fla

    Welcome from Delray Beach, Fl.
  14. bluefrog

    Bbq guru

    Does anyone have a bbq guru on a Vision grill, and if so how satisfied are you?
  15. bluefrog

    Newby with my new little red oster smoker

    I have an zoster smoke, open the vent all the way. I use pellets rather than wood chips...works great.
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