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  1. biteme7951

    3 Pound Venison/Bacon Blend Juicy Lucy Burger

    Looks Great! What is your venison-bacon ratio in your burger as I would like to try it and deer season is here! Barry.
  2. biteme7951

    White fish sausage

    Whitefish can be substituted for sausage in this recipe. http://www.lpoli.50webs.com/index_files/Sturgeon.pdf Barry.
  3. biteme7951

    Cabbage & Onion Pierogies

    Those look great Richie! Never tried the cabbage and onion ones but will now. Our go to was potato and onion (with or without cheese) and yo are right when you say they don't last long! Barry.
  4. biteme7951

    Proper way to cook Brats? Maybe?

    Saute onions in butter then add the brats with enough vegetable or chicken broth to cover and slow simmer until done then a fast sear to finish. Freeze the stock for the next time and add to sauteed onions to add to the depth of flavor. Add additional stock as needed. Bring old stock to a boil...
  5. biteme7951

    P.P. sammies?

    You ponder too much...maybe you are trying lousy cole slaw... maybe you just don't like cole slaw in general and thought that putting it on PP would make it better. Just because you don't prefer it doesn't make it taboo for the rest of us. how about Brussell sprouts, Liver and onion, raw...
  6. biteme7951

    MES element support.

    No support really needed for the element but you may want to put in some protection above it so nothing falls on it. In it's original setting there is nothing touching it for support. Using anything touching it for support will eventually become conductive due to moisture, grease, etc and cause...
  7. biteme7951

    SV Help/Advice

    Book or charts is a good place to start. I don't think you will get fall off the bone pork chops because there just isn't any connective tissue to help them "fall apart". SV helps the thicker, low end cuts become tender but it takes a lot longer than a couple of hours. You might get what you are...
  8. biteme7951

    Back bacon ?

    You still should be OK. do a fry test before smoking to make sure but I usually add a sweetener (like maple syrup) before or during the smoke anyway.
  9. biteme7951

    Back bacon ?

    Tbs and tbs are the same. tsp is a different story, but either way you will be fine. Barry.
  10. biteme7951


    Pickles are cheap. ER visit?....not so much. Barry.
  11. biteme7951

    Is This Normal?

    Is the unit level so drippings flow towards the drain pan? Are you using the water pan? If So I would suggest not using it as it adds to much moisture to the cabinet that it cannot handle. If you are using the water pan is the window steaming up? All that condensation will slide down the window...
  12. biteme7951

    Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis sides with growing fruits and vegetables over aesthetics

    Gardens, AND flamingos I say! We had a family near where I work that planted gardens between the sidewalk and street and gave the produce away to anyone that might have a need for it. the city shut them down, and after fighting with the city over it, they gave up, tore the gardens out, and put...
  13. biteme7951

    Made my first meatloaf -WOW

    "To save some calories, i used 1 1/2 lbs of beef mixed with 1 1/2 lbs turkey and mixed in about 1/4 lb of chopped bacon." I like your style but think you defeated your purpose... in a tasty way! Kudos on the cook. Barry.
  14. biteme7951

    Is Red meat bad for your health?

    Red meat is not bad for you...it's the green stuff you should be worried about. As others have said everything in moderation. Drinking too much water will kill you. Besides, if God didn't intend for us to eat meat then why did he make it taste so good??? Barry.
  15. biteme7951

    Prime time for brine time

    Mine brine overnight unless I am using cure. Then it is 2-3 days. Barry.
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