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    Pit Boss Copperhead for cold smoking cheese?????

    An inexpensive way to cold smoke is to make a hole in the side of a soup can at the bottom, jam a cheap soldering iron through the hole and add wood chips. You can smoke inside most anything, even a cardboard box. My cheese and bacon come out great.
  2. biggeorge50

    Sleep Apnea

    I have had 3 sleep studies and couldn't get to sleep worth a hoot for any of them - of course I don't get to sleep well anytime.  The last time they put some sort of cloth prewired helmut on me that made me sweat something awful.  On the other hand, when my son had his study the technician wired...
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    smoking a whole hog

    Smoke a hog, put a sign out by the road that says "Free beer and smoked pork".  You will have more friends than you can count.
  4. biggeorge50

    Stupid Wannabe Question

    I have a Smoke Vault 24.  Just to be safe, I put an oversize piece of fire proof sheetrock under it, but I don't think it's really needed.
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    Two Basic Methods, one Result

    I've got 30# of bellies brining right now with your recipe Pops.  It will go in the smoker tonight for about a 24 hour cold smoke with hickory.  I wish I had some corn cobs to make authentic Fassett's bacon.
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    Need help getting started

    It would be pretty hard to go wrong using Pops' recipe for brining.  That's how I do all of my bacon and everyone loves it.  I also cold smoke all of mine.
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    what do you smoke while your smoking (cigar enthusiast)

    I like almost any Fuente except the curlyheads.  Opus X and Royal Salute are my favorites; 8-5-8 for everyday.
  8. biggeorge50

    Cob smoking

    Pops should be along to answer this one.  His dad smoked with cobs and Fassett's was famous in central New York.
  9. biggeorge50

    Using a brine to cure meat ????

    I can verify that Pops' dad's hams and bacons were as good as they got.  The store was called Fassett's and the hams and bacon were cob smoked.  If my father couldn't get ham and bacon from Fassett's, we went without.  The first store-bought ham I had was a huge disappointment - not even the...
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    Favorite Beer

    If Guinness Stout is considered to be beer, that's it.
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    Whats the largest mass produced PROPANE smoker that does not require special wood discs?

    I have a Smoke Vault and the shelves are moveable in that.  I don't think it would hold 8 butts unless they were small ones.  I have done 4 that were 15# each in it, and have also done 6 whole pork loins.  I noticed that Gander Mountain has the Smoke Vault for $300.  I bought one there a bit...
  12. biggeorge50

    What wood to use for building a raised outdoor container bed

    I have to agree with Chefrob.  I have always used cinder blocks.  Used ones are usually not hard to find around here.
  13. biggeorge50

    Grill mat

    White vinyl.
  14. biggeorge50

    Grill mat

    My smoker is on my covered back porch and it hasn't affected the ceiling at all.  I had some fire resistant sheet rock left over from building the house, so that's what I set mine on.
  15. biggeorge50

    chunking wood up to smoke food?

    Peanut oil has worked good for me so far.  I run a couple of "tanks" of it through to flush out the petroleum oil before I cut smoking wood.  I haven't tried it in colder weather, but I don't have any gumming up problems with it in warm weather.
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