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    Need help learning how to corn beef

    Was happy with the results of curing a green ham. With everyone's help on here it came out better than a store bought ham. Been searching for a recipe for turning a brisket flat into corn beef on SMF with little luck. Not looking to use Morton quick cure but a recipe using #1 cure. Thanks
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    Thanks Daveomak

    We finally finished eating the green ham I cured using Daveomaks help and cure recipe. Taste was excellent but might try 1% salt instead of the2% the recipe calls for. Dad is needing to cut down on his salt intake. Next cure will be a venison round and try doing a hart for the smoker.
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    New Pellet Grill

    I will never buy another CC product. Was not able to keep the SG running. The sear gas pit has 12 month warranty and rust out by 13 month. Have CC Big gas grill and the pit has big piles of rust under it at 12 months. Its under my car port and not that exposed to direct weather.
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    Iv done it on my pro at 180 also.Hardest part IMO is to figure out when to say its finished.
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    Pellet smokers with pellet feed ramp?

    Memphis smokers use feed ramp and have ran over 600lb of pellets flawless.
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    Need a competition chilli recipe

    Wow sounds like someone has competed in a few chili cook offs. That was a educational read and going to experiment with the spice dump. Sounds like there is as many tricks competing in chili as the big 4 in bbq competition. Judged a BBQ event last Summer that had chili ancillary. Had close to 60...
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    Need a competition chilli recipe

    They pick a team of 10 judges. You are allowed any meat but will stay away from venison.Beans are allowed and red or green is accepted but what 95% of what people eat in St Louis is red. They dont allow condiments.
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    Need a competition chilli recipe

    Work has a chili cook off every year. The guys where busting my chops for not competing. I make a good chili but use Mccormick seasoning packet doctored up. The event is a ways off but need to start coming up with ideas. I usually use venison steaks and ground meat but for this cook off recipe...
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    Memphis Pro

    Yes till you hear pellets falling. After using cheaper pellet smokers I was about to give up on them. Have had the pro for 1 1/2 years and love it. A true turn it on and forget about it. double wall construction and QUALITY controller holds temp even near zero ambient temps. Ran over 600lb of...
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    Bison Loin Roast going in today

    You had me when you said it looks like prime rib. Thats the way I like my meats!
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    First time venison jerky

    Sliced venison between 5/16 and 3/8". Have in seasoning cure mix refrigerated till tomorrow ready to go. Plan is set pellet smoker as cool as will go 180 temp. My question is how do I know when jerky is dried enough? Also what time frame to smoke that thickness meat?
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    Bison Loin Roast going in today

    Also with 135 IT you wont get much bark without doing a reverse sear. Let us know how it turns out.
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    Bison Loin Roast going in today

    If anything like venison, I like to inject right before putting on smoker. Your lucky im not a neighbor or I would be swing buy to try a taste.
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    Need new meat thermometer.

    I have a Thermo Pop and love it. Read time about 4 seconds and not water proof. $34 Thermapen MK4 looks like a Cadillac but $100. Water proof with 2-3 second read time. Classic thermapen water resistant at $80. This looks to be something new called Thermopro. Different brand than the MK4 but...
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    LEM #8 motor stalls

    This is the big bite sold at Bass Pro. Box says .35 HP.
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