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  1. bassrat

    Please help the computarded

    how can i post pics? followed the instructions says I ran out of room
  2. bassrat

    Famous Dave's BBQ Sauce

    john & billy from the radio big show has a great sauce.
  3. bassrat

    Back to double barrel build have a few questions

    nice lookin smoker, would love to build my own,some day
  4. bassrat

    makin bacon

    where i purchaced the belly they gave me there cure that they use, i rubbed it on heavy and cured for 7 days, smoked at100- 110,got it to 100 by shutting the gas off and just using the wood for heat that worked real well., for 7 hours with hickory
  5. bassrat

    makin bacon

    too late bird is all ready in the smoker, bet this is going to be a mess. I cant get temp to 100 about 160-180 is my lowest, i just turned the gas off and using the heat from the wood to maintain a lower temp.
  6. bassrat

    makin bacon

    how do i add pic, tried following the instructions below but it says I have used up all my space????
  7. bassrat

    makin bacon

    pork belly been curing for seven days, I found bellies for $1.39 a pound skined and ready to go. they also gave me there serect cure they use, was going to smoke a wild turkey on the bottom rack, hoping the juices willl drip on it. I am going to smoke during the night because it is cooler than.
  8. bassrat

    makin bacon

    doing a pork belly, will start smoke tues,pm. I have pic but don't know how to get them on here. was wondering if i should use the water pan.
  9. bassrat

    another question

    how about pear wood ?
  10. bassrat

    a good meat slicer

    thanks, what i am looking for is something to slice bacon, and meat for jerky. thanks again
  11. bassrat

    Big hello from Minnesota

    i like high mountain seasonings, i don't know if you have ever heard of BOYDS they have a great seasoning. they are a small locker in washington iowa
  12. bassrat

    another question

    can you smole with walnut wood? thanks for all your help !!!!!! this forum is awesome!!!!
  13. bassrat

    a good meat slicer

    what's a good meat slicer for bacon and jerky or slicing meat for jerky, i am looking at one from bass pro shops for $100
  14. bassrat

    turkey legs

    fairway food stores about .99 per pound
  15. bassrat

    wild turkey

    how long could I brine a wild turkey?
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