makin bacon

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Aug 22, 2006
doing a pork belly, will start smoke tues,pm. I have pic but don't know how to get them on here.
was wondering if i should use the water pan.
what type of bacon are you making? I wouldn't use a water pan. Are you curing the bacon before you smoke it?

pork belly been curing for seven days, I found bellies for $1.39 a pound skined and ready to go. they also gave me there serect cure they use, was going to smoke a wild turkey on the bottom rack, hoping the juices willl drip on it. I am going to smoke during the night because it is cooler than.
how do i add pic, tried following the instructions below but it says I have used up all my space????
You don't want to smoke the bacon with the turkey.. smoke the bacon at 100deg .. Turkey you want to smoke at a higher temp..

Remember bassrat, bacon is only "smoke cured". In fact (correct me if I'm wrong, Dutch), but most commercial bacon is only chemically cured, and the "smoke" is only smoke flavor.

Bacon is a raw pork product, i.e. until you decide to cook some.
too late bird is all ready in the smoker, bet this is going to be a mess. I cant get temp to 100 about 160-180 is my lowest, i just turned the gas off and using the heat from the wood to maintain a lower temp.
where i purchaced the belly they gave me there cure that they use, i rubbed it on heavy and cured for 7 days, smoked at100- 110,got it to 100 by shutting the gas off and just using the wood for heat that worked real well.,
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