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    Picking up my first pellet smoker tonight!!!

    I've never had any problems getting a good bark on any long cook on my Camp Chef Woodwind. No doubt, pellet poopers don't get as much "smoke flavor" as stick burners but they do impart "smoke flavor" on whatever you're cooking. Like you, I had a slight gap but filled it with the felt liner...
  2. bangstick

    Camp Chef SmokePro vs. RecTec RT-590 Stampede

    You won't regret that at all.
  3. bangstick

    Not enough smoke flavor using my Camp Chef pellet grill.

    My Woodwind gets up to 500 degrees. If you're grilling and need hotter than that, well, with the Woodwind you're in luck because it has a sear box that reaches a legit 900 degrees. If you need hotter than that, well, you don't need anything hotter than that. My woodwind puts out awesome reverse...
  4. bangstick

    Camp Chef SmokePro vs. RecTec RT-590 Stampede

    The Woodwind has 4 wheels on it so it moves very easily. The heaviest part is the LP bottle so take that off and it's a breeze to move. Mine is on my deck but when some rain pops up, I move on to the screened in porch by myself with no problem.
  5. bangstick

    Not enough smoke flavor using my Camp Chef pellet grill.

    As a Camp Chef Woodwind owner, I was always under the impression that, as a general rule, pellet smokers produce less "smoke flavor" than stick burners. That said, I've had mine just over a year and off all of the items I've smoked on my Woodwind, I can't say any of them were missing smoke...
  6. bangstick

    Most Bang For your Buck

    I've had my Wooodwind for just over a year and it is hands down the most versatile grill/smoker on the market. I sold my BGE two months after receiving my Woodwind and haven't looked back since.
  7. bangstick

    Camp Chef SmokePro vs. RecTec RT-590 Stampede

    I agree it doesn't produce much ash but there's more ash in the pot than in my grill itself so that makes it nice when I have to clean it out. I cover the drip tray with a foil liner so that coupled with the clean out features makes cleaning a snap with my Woodwind. A feature I appreciate.
  8. bangstick

    Best pellet grill

    I've had my Woodwind for just over a year now. It gets cooked on no less than three time per week and it has performed flawlessly. In my opinion, it is the most versatile pellet smoker/grill on the market. It will legitimately hit 500 degrees in the grill (without preheating for an hour) and the...
  9. bangstick

    Camp Chef SmokePro vs. RecTec RT-590 Stampede

    My CC Woodwind has been worth its weight in gold and personally, having watched a buddy clean out his Traeger as it compared to me cleaning out my Woodwind, the clean out features are important and are very convenient to have. Cleaning is the biggest pain in the butt of any cooker so why not...
  10. bangstick


    That's some legit looking pizza pie, right there! I don't know what this "point" thing is but I'd give you a bunch for this one.
  11. bangstick

    Pollo a la Brasa wings

    So as some of you may know, I recently posted some pictures of a pollo a la brasa chicken I cooked. Well, I love wings and I love the pollo a la brasa marinade I use on my whole chickens so I figured I'd do some wings in that marinade. I prefer a whole wing so I don't separate the drumette from...
  12. bangstick

    Pizza Help

    I recently made my first pizza on my Camp Chef Woodwind and it had no problem hitting 500 degrees with my pizza stone in. I agree with others, I don't see why the pizza stone would keep your grill from hitting 500 degrees. Mine turned out great. Had a crispy crust with great char on the cheese...
  13. bangstick

    Not delivery OR Digiorno

    I have pretty much ruined it for every take-out pizza delivery joint around me that we USED to use. Lol!!!
  14. bangstick

    Pollo a la Brasa

    You're definitely right on the subtle differences in a recipe depending on region. My wife was born in/grew up in Trujillo and she said the ceviche (national dish of Peru) and pollo a la brasa are different from what she's had in Lima. Of course, she's bias to her hometown of Trujillo. Lol!
  15. bangstick

    Not delivery OR Digiorno

    High heat is definitely critical to a crispy crust and nice char on the toppings/cheese. Some of those professional brick pizza ovens get over 900 degrees in the dome.
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