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    Dried up country style pork ribs

    Where I live there are two different cuts sold as CSR's. One contains a portion of the loin and the first ribs back from the neck. Since they contain  loin meat they are pretty lean. The other is basically strips cut from the butt and contain a fair amount of fat.They have nothing to do with...
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    Dried up country style pork ribs

    I smoke CSR's till IT reaches 170 (about 2 hrs.). Then I transfer to a covered roasting pan with a grate on the bottom with some apple juice. I baste with a butter, vinegar, spice mixture (i stick of butter, 2 tbls of vinegar, Greek seasoning, chili powder, garlic and onion powder, black pepper...
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    what is a csr?

    What exactly is defined as a CSR seems to vary in different parts of the county or even with different stores in the same town. Where I live CSR's can be strips cut out of the butt in addition to those that contain the first few ribs and loin meat, they may or may not contain pieces of the...
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    Chuck Roast Burnt Ends?

    Here's a post I did a while ago on using chuck roast for burnt ends.Turned out really well. I tend to do the final step at about 225 so as not to dry them out too much. I want to cook down any juice and caramelize the BBQ sauce. If you have a choice go for the roast with the best marbling. If...
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    Our Knives Post Them Here.

    Thanks for the link, very interesting. I like the fact that they list the Rockwell hardness of the knives
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    Our Knives Post Them Here.

    The Japanese philosophy on knife making is different from Western mass market knives. They tend to temper their knives so they are harder. This makes them hold an edge longer but also makes them harder to sharpen and a bit more brittle. The harder temper also allows them to sharpen their knives...
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    Our Knives Post Them Here.

    Its a 4 Star Elephant brand and is indeed made in Theirs. I liked the shape, which is different from my American made slicers. Got a deal on it because the handle is cracked.
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    Our Knives Post Them Here.

    Thanks b! Discovering these vintage knives were available on EBay was my downfall When its time to slice up a Tri Tip or brisket nothing beats having the right tool for the job. Tri Tip with Sabatier slicing knife.
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  10. Our Knives Post Them Here.

    Our Knives Post Them Here.

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    Our Knives Post Them Here.

    I'm a tool guy. so when I started smoking meat my knife collection started to grow. I like older carbon steel knives for slicing meat, they are easy to sharpen and take a keen edge. I use stainless knives, mainly Victorinox, for veggies. This is an almost complete set of CaseXX Old Forge...
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