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    Standing Rib for Christmas

    I have been smoking for years... but have never done a Standing Rib outside of the oven.... My wife gave me the green light this year!!!  What is the best technique? to brine or not to brine, what wood? what temp? 
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  3. My first fatties

    My first fatties

  4. badfrog

    Tri Tip?

    Makes a good burger though! Blend it with brisket and skirt
  5. badfrog

    Beef Moink Kabob's

    I used to get the key work defs on the old site; now I don't. is it something I have to "turn on"?
  6. badfrog

    ABTs reheatable?

    they are ALWAYS hot the second day....!!!
  7. badfrog

    stuffed peppers

    I know I am coming up on a year late on this one, but that sure looks great!
  8. badfrog

    Artichokes ?

    I ate at the Charthouse in Newport Beach a few weeks ago on a biz trip; ordered thier artichoke appetizer that, by the way was way over priced... BUT it was tasty! cut in half, steamed then drizzled in olive oil, a little salt and pepper then grilled cut side down. it came to the table charred...
  9. badfrog

    Smoked Cabbage

    I have cut a cabbage into wedges, butter or olive oiled em', salt and pepper then wrapped in a slice of bacon and then a double wrap of foil. toss em on the hottest part of your grill. my guess is they don't take as long as a whole cabbage...
  10. badfrog

    Smoked Cabbage - Sweet Potatoes W/Qview

    I am a little late to this, BUT- I like the look of that saute Ron! I think that might just be a side dish for dinner tonight! Thanks Ron!
  11. badfrog

    something different to grill/smoke this weekend

    I like the "snack day" idea! my wife and I are headed to the new "Super" Kroger this morning; I will see what I can find. I am starting to get excited!  moink balls, abt's, maybe a smoked turkey breast... any vege ideas? grilled pineapple with vanilla ic for dessert? thanks guys!
  12. badfrog

    something different to grill/smoke this weekend

    I started a new job a couple months ago and have not had time to smoke or grill or even surf on the SMF.  wanting to cook/smoke/grill something different this weekend... any ideas?
  13. badfrog

    Hello from Tennessee.

    Welcome from another Tennessean...I am in Portland (just up the road from Keg!).
  14. badfrog

    Huge Thank-you to Meateater

    a shameless bump... Meateater did some vinyl cutting magic for my mobile BBQ kitchen... it looks GREAT! If I had meateaters vinyl cutting skills, abilities and tools, I would have vinyl letters, graphics and such EVERYWHERE!!!! Thanks Meateater! I will post some pics in a day or two...
  15. badfrog

    Drum Clean-Out????

    I got home today and checked the rolled edge on my drum. I can't seem to see if there is a seam there. How much do you need to grind before you can discern a seam? I did a similar process on mine...I used a die grinder with a cutoff wheel and cut through the rolled seam...
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