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    "Roast beef" in the oven

    If you are thinking of doing a oven roasted prime rib, I would slugged the reverse sear method. I have done it many times for the family and it always comes out perfect. https://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2009/12/perfect-prime-rib-beef-recipe.html
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    Weber smoke fire pellet grill

    Hi Everyone, saw this video on youtube of the new Weber pellet grill reviewed by Harry Soo. Thought you all might be interested.
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    Hasselback Potatoes

    Those look great never tried them in the smoker, may have to give it a try. The key to not cutting all the way through, is to stick a bamboo skewer through the the potato, so that you only cut to the skewer then pull the skewer out when your done cutting.
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    SV recommendation on SV container fits Anova

    This is the container that I use, got it at a kitchen supply store for $25 including lid. The lid is flimsy enough that you can cut it with scissors, I just cut the lid to fit my sous vide.
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    New to SV

    Hey Dan, I am in Calgary, Alberta Canada. Just started hunting a few years ago, but hunting in Alberta is really good with a huge variety of places and species to hunt and lots of public land. It has been quite the addition, almost as bad as smoking bbq .
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    New to SV

    Hey Forktender, I see you are a hunter, I am as well, and the sous vide works excellent on game meat. If you are looking to cook up some duck or goose breasts please have a look at this YouTube video it gives a good general idea and the temps and times are perfect: you can change it up to your...
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    Giveaway for Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide

    I already have the Inkbird Sous vide and love it, but please enter me in this draw, and if I win I will give it away. Thanks
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    Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide review

    Yes for the container that I have, I fill it to about the 10 quart line and that is plenty of water and still not to the max line on the sous vide.
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    Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide review

    Hi "pushok", this is the container that I use with my sous vide. I bought mine at a restaurant supply store, if I remember correctly I think I paid $25 for the container with lid. I just cut a whole in the top for the sous vide. It works great and reduces the amount of water loss through...
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    PitBoss pellets?

    Making a trip to the states in a month or so I will most likely pick up some bags of lumberjack then.
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    PitBoss pellets?

    It costs $25 Canadian for a 20lb bag of lumberjack pellets here in Calgary. I only wish I could get them for $9
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    PitBoss pellets?

    Pit boss competition blend was the first pellets that I used on my grill when I first got my grill. I found them to be very mild in flavor, but a really good fuel source for high heat short cooks like a quick burger, steak or chicken. They burned very clean with little ash slow or fast. I then...
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    Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide review

    Hi Everyone, Finally got a chance to get back on here and let you all know how the Inkbird SV has been going. In a word "great". I have had zero problems with the unit so far. I have had the unit now for just about a month and have had a chance to use it many times. I have done various meals...
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    Inkbird WIFI Sous Vide review

    Hi Everyone, Here is my initial unboxing and trial run of the new Inkbird Wifi Sous Vide. I order the sous vide when Inkbird had the 30% off for friends deal from Amazon. The unit was delivered pretty quickly about 1 week and was packaged very securely. Initial thoughts on the unit: the unit...
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