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By bmudd14474, Sep 27, 2011 | |
  1. real simple curing brine:

     for every 1 gallon of water, add:

    1/3 - 1 cup sea salt (depending if you're on a lo-salt diet)

    1 cup granulated sugar or Splenda®

    1 cup brown sugar or Splenda® brown sugar mix

    1 tbsp cure no. 1 pink salt

    stir thoroughly until clear amber color, pour over meat, inject if necessary to cure from inside-out as well as outside-in

    weight down with a partially filled 1 qt or 1 gal. ziploc bag or bags to keep meat immersed

    Curing times vary with meat, but generally overnight to 2-3 days for chickens and turkeys, 8-10 days buckboard bacon, 10-14 days belly bacon, pork shoulder, whole butts, 3-4 weeks whole hams, 10-20 days corned beef (fresh beef roasts, briskets, rolled rib roasts, etc.)   If whole muscle is more than 2" thick, then inject so it can cure i/o as well as o/i, and/or in and around bone structures, etc.

    You can add any other flavorings you'd like, this is just the basic curing brine. 1 heaping tablespoon of cure is about 1 ounce.  The maximum concentration allowed safely is 3.84 ounces per 1 gallon of brine (24 lbs.per 100 gallons: 16 oz. x 24 = 384 ounces, 1/100th is 3.84 ounces).  You can experiment with different concentrations as long as you keep it between those parameters:


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  1. smokedaddy34
  2. ed briney
    Thanks Michael
  3. michael james
    I am anxcious purchase curing salt but seems most suppliers are in USA, is there any locally
  4. michael james
    may I pls have suppliers of DQ Curing salt, thanks guys
  5. michael james
    Its Michael here and someone sent me BRINE mix, thanks for this valuable information. May I please know where to buy DQ Curing salt from?
  6. smokedaddy34
    Where can the pink curing salt bepurchased
  7. jimmyj321
    I have purchased some Morton Insta-Cure, regular and sugar cure. I want to brine a ham. What would the correct mixture be for the soaking solution and the injection mixture. Do I make a batch large enough to soak the ham and inject it with that mixture or do I make a separate batch for the injection process? Right now the concensus seems to be 3 teaspoons of insta-cure per gallon of water What about additional salt? One receipe called for three cups of insta-cure and no other salt or cure. Does anyone have an idea as to the best mixture??? Help????
  8. ed briney
    I am going to be smoking 2 10lb pork shouler this weekend I am going to use a simple brining solution how long should the pork soak....