wood stove vs Cold Smoke Generators

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by skadv, Feb 20, 2015.

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    I'm in the process of building a large capacity smoker from a two door commercial freezer and want to know which way would be better to go. The smoker will be set up as both hot and cold. I'm looking for advice which is better to use a small wood stove or a smoke generator like "smokedaddy".
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    You might consider both.  Although I only use mine for cold smoking, you might be able to adapt.

    Pics # 7-8 in the following.

    My Cold Smoking Options w/Q - View

  3. I may be a purist, but the only way to truly smoke is with wood.  I know there will be plenty that say "electric, propane, pellet, etc." are easier and don't require all the tending and technique involved with wood, but for my money the work involved only adds to the appreciation with the final product.  As the old adage goes, just because something is easier, doesn't make it better.  BTW, I've been doing this way for 30+ years, was taught by my father and grandfather, and still learn something new with each smoke, which probably adds to the romance of tending the smokehouse.  Enjoying the quiet tranquility of it all allows for memories from my youth to come rushing back and keep me connected to those who have passed on to the big smokehouse in the sky.  Just one "woodies" opinion.
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    Twisted, Ah the good old days.  If we could only smoke everything in a smoke house.  I built my first walk-in close to 50 years ago.  In order to fit in with our new log home, it resembled a three hole out house.  Some pretty good (crap) bacon and cheese came out of it.

    Enjoyed reading your post,



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