Venison breakfast sausage cure?

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  1. I am a big fan of the con Yeager spices. They have a maple sausage seasoning that I plan to use for some breakfast sausage. I'll be using 21mm calogen casings. However, on their recipe it does not show any cure added. Would this be because there shouldn't be any cure added (even though it's a 25 pound recipe) or do you think the seasoning packet inclined the cure already mixed? I plan to vacuum pack and freeze it.
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    If it is fresh sausage (links, patties, etc) and normally fried in a pan then cure is usually NOT added.

    If the sausage is smoked in a smoker after seasoning and mixing (snack stix, summer sausage, etc) then cure is added.

    Thanks for asking!

    Show us some of that sausage when you make it.  [​IMG]

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