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Discussion in 'Pork' started by grillnsmoke, Aug 2, 2015.

  1. grillnsmoke

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    I'm having issues holding a steady temperature in my off set smoker. My issue is getting up to 250 through 275 and holding it.
  2. gonavy

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    I had the same problems with my oklahoma joe highlander until I sealed everything up, got a convection plate and made a fire basket.  Even then didn't get things going right until I started using the fire basket correctly.  Use to put the lit coals near the vent away from the smoke chamber and burn towards it, took for ever to get up to temps and had a hard time keeping the temp down, kept want to go high 275 plus.  Once I started putting the lit coal on the smoker side away from the air vent and burning away from the smoke chamber every thing fell in place.  I now get upto temps within 45 mins and can hold in the 240 range for 5 or 6 hours.  My basket is 12x12x6 high and I fill it up ( this is usually about half a bag, maybe just a smidge more) except for about 15 coals or so.. those I put into a chimney, once the chimney gets them ashed over (about 15 min) I put them into the basket closest to the chamber furthest from the air vent.  After about 30 to 45 mins I'll be upto temp in the 225 - 250 range.  Hope this helps

    Also I keep my exhaust vent (smoke chamber side) wide open and my air vents (firebox) wide open, with the vent door open as well, while coming up to temp.  At about 200 degrees I close the firebox vent door, but still leave the vent wide open, at 220 or so I close off the vent to a quarter open and it will usually hold at the 240 range.  All smokers are different but this will give you an idea and should be close.
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    Grillsmoke,simply said , you need to practice learning your smoker . you will need to take a day or two and practicem :biggrin:.,

    Have fun and . . .

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