Spare rib membrane!

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  1. Does anyone ever use the membrane that you cut off from spare ribs for anything?
  2. pops6927

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    I'm a little different on this one... this is just as much a part of the finished product as the meat itself and always leave it on for the family or guest to decide, just as is the brisket flap is; I don't remove anything off the entire sparerib; that way I get my money's worth on the entire product, lol.  It can be peeled off post-cook as easy or easier as pre-cook and with the rub and/or sauces it's as tasty!  I'm sure 95% of everyone would disagree however, lol!
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    That's funny Pops, because before I came to SMF we always left the membrane on, but now we always take it off.

    Maybe I should try a rack the old way just to see the difference.
  4. I cant tell the differance on or off but i still take it off.The membrane that is.[​IMG]  Maybe the reason i cant tell is because i always smoke with a beer in hand
  5. I thought the membrane hindered smoke absorption. Is this wrong? Plus it's really chewy. I always peel it off.
  6. flash

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     Doubt it can hinder it much, too much surface area with out membrane. Plenty of area for smoke to be absorbed.
  7. What the..... wait a minute...everyone said take it off before smoking????

    AAAAAUUUUGGGG....if in doubt...take it out!
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    I know some that do and dont.  I do mostly because I find that it is not appealing to me as edible when left on.  It is a texture thing I think I just dont like it.  Smoke absorbtion:  I dont believe so.  Rub absorbtion:  Probably to some extent.  I just hate that slimey thing on my ribs.  LOL 
  9. cliffcarter

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  10. rbranstner

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    Mine go straight into the garbage.
  11. venture

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    I sometimes like them whole, meaning leaving the skirt or diaphragm meat intact.  You can still remove some of the membrane when doing this, but some will remain. Experiment and see what you like? Rules are for safety only at my house.  Experimentation is for those who are not purists. You are a good enough cook to decide what you like without other people telling you.  LOL

    Good luck and good luck smoking.
  12. The last few times i've smoked spare ribs i've cut the membrane off.  But, i still rub it & smoe it for 2- 2 1/2 hours. It's a nice litlle snack for the family.
  13. cliffcarter

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    The membrane is made of elastin and is not digestable in the human gut, why do you eat it?

    Scroll down to the "indigestable components" section-
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    I take mine off
  15. I drag a serrated knife across it putting slash marks all thru it in the on the bone side (looks like Freddie Kruger hit it) .   I do rub the rub and then as it cooks it drys and cracks.  I feel it keeps some of the juices in the top of the meat and my smoke flavor at least for my family is good. 
  16. Did not know that.
  17. I did not know that. It taste good, but with this knowledge i think i'll pass. Thanks!
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    Interesting choice of words! Yes it is Elastin and therefore indigestible but there is no reason to stop eating it if you enjoy it because..." It shall PASS Too! " In about 12-24 hours...JJ
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  20. Another thing learned since coming to this site.  The local joint in my hometown never took the membrane off.  This is the BBQ I still compare everything else to because it was all I knew for several years growing up.  Ribs were never fall-off-the-bone tender but were never tough either.  I like some chew and tug on mine and still love these ribs when I go home.

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