Smoked BBQ Leg Quarters

Discussion in 'Poultry' started by davidmcg, Feb 11, 2009.

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    Well it was a hard day of work around here today and my wife was away at one of those womens parties where the buy stuff you don't need. I was hungry so right at dark I put on some yard bird legs and smoked and sauced them up. I didn't have planning time to brine and since they are the leg quarters really not neccessary anyhow. I used my own rub, plus Montana Steak Rub, plus some Old Southern Rub. Smoked them at 300 with RO/BC lump, some cherry chinks and when they hit 170 I sauced them up, let that sit for about 10 minutes and hit them again with my own bbq sauce. Took the pictures and ate them. They were nice and crispy and juicy. So here are two different Q-views for ya. The greay blob on one is a pice of the chunky rub that was black but the flash washed out to grey, weird.
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    Very nice.[​IMG]

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