New guy question: Ribs from a "Prime Rib" roast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by tonycanevaro, May 24, 2011.

  1. So, in my exctement over my super cheap smoker find, I bought a rack of ribs that were labeled "Prime Rib - ribs" I assume these came off a prime rib roast. So, suggestion on best way to smoke these, wood ( I have apple and Maple), rub (sugar free please), etc. I'll be using my Brinkman Gourmet Charcoal. How long, etc.

    I do have a decent temperature probe so won't have to rely on the on board thermostat.

    Thanks all!
  2. tyotrain

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    First off welcome to SMF its nice to have ya..  If it were me i think i would do them beef ribs just like spare ribs.. I would do a 3-2-1 method..  Witch is 3 hours on the smoker. (smoker temp 230) than pull them off wrap in foil with some apple juice beer or what ever u like. put them back on the smoker for 2 hours. Thank pull them off and put back on smoker with out the foil for 1 hour.. (3-2-1).. Hope this helps ya..
  3. scarbelly

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    That is how I would do it too
  4. smokinal

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  5. flash

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    Don't you dare do a 3-2-1 on them. [​IMG]

    You're talking Prime Rib here baby!!


     I sure wouldn't want a well done Prime Rib. No sir. Smoke them to about a 140º internal at most, wrap and let rest.

     You can even put these bad boys on a grill after marinading them for a while.


    These came in a rack of 4 ribs, I had them sectioned though.
  6. bearcarver

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    Try them the way Flash did them (They look great), but don't let him scare you away from trying the 3-2-1 with them.

    That's the way I do them.

    Let's not forget. Most of the time they are loaded with fat. We shouldn't eat fat, but I do. However I would not want to eat any fat at 140˚.

    I have been know to make a Ribeye Rare, and then put the bone with the fat on it back on the grill, and make it real well done.  It seems to open my arteries up!  [​IMG]

  7. I've done some this weekend for the first time (Sorry no pics, the camera's out). i rubbed them with EVOO and Montreal Steak Spices. 225-230 with the 3-2-1- method, and they were amazing. Tender, juicy, fall off the bone delicious. I think I like em even better than pork ribs.
  8. africanmeat

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    Prim rib ribs so much flavor so much taste. i do them on 3-2-1 but only with salt and pepper it enhance the flavor.

  9. shooter1

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    X2  [​IMG]
  10. flash

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    Well if he sections them off like we do, he can try them several ways. I just know I never did a 3-2-1 with them. There is no need to "tenderize" them. It's PRIME Rib. Even off the Grill they were very tender and moist and Bear, just like a steak, you cut around the fat and don't consume it. These ribs are thick enough to put a meat probe in an get an temp reading, thus the 140º for a nice medium rare.
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  11. bearcarver

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    I agree, your's look great, like I said.

    That's why I didn't say "Don't you dare do them the way Flash does them".

    I repeat---Yours Look Great !

  12. Wow, good stuff here. Thanks guys! I'll be sure to take pics. Might try em this weekend depending on weather.
  13. mdboatbum

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    I agree on avoiding the 3-2-1 method, but that's my personal taste. If you like pot roast, by all means have at it.

    I'd do a little celery salt, garlic powder and pepper, then smoke low and slow to about 125˚.  I'd have a rocket hot grill standing by for a 2 minute sear on each side. I'd then wrap them in foil and let them rest for 30 minutes.

    Later, I'd lock myself in an oak paneled room with a crackling fire in a large stone fireplace. On the table in front of my leather chair would be the ribs, a small Caesar's salad, copious quantities of  peppery Syrah and single malt whisky (Speyside, thank you very much) and a marble ashtray containing a single Cuban cigar, a cutter and one wooden match. The dog would posted at the door with strict instructions to bite the hind quarters of anyone attempting to enter.
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  14. That, right there sounds awesome and funny ;)
  15. tjohnson

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    Exactly how I seasoned mine

    Mine was more like a 2-2-10 minute

    I started around 150° with apple wood smoke, foiled them for a couple hours at 225° and finished them on the grill(Low Heat) for about 5 minutes on each side, rather than and hour without foil.  They get a nice bark on them and I really like the results.

    Freeking Awesome!!

    Keep it simple and let the meat do it's thing!

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  16. tjohnson

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    What exactly does the weather have to do with it.

    Make a plan and stick with it....Rain or Shine!

  17. Camping was a possibility. Weather looks like crap so no camping = ribs! :)
  18. bearcarver

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    LOL---Hope you'll excuse all of us dummies for turning our ribs into pot roast.

  19. venture

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    Just a thought.  Remember that the term "prime rib" has nothing to do with the quality grading of the meat.  "Prime rib" can come from the carcass of a "select" graded beef.  The term "prime rib" is simply a marketing term.  At best it means the meat comes from a good area of that particular carcass regardless of how high or low the carcass is graded.

    Good luck and good smoking.
  20. mdboatbum

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    I really meant no offense at all. I was just trying to be funny, and expressing my personal taste. No hard feelings?

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