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Discussion in 'Propane Smokers' started by gargra03, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. gargra03

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    I just wanted to get everyones input , I have narrowed it down to a Smoke Hollow electric smoker or the afterbunrer propane conversion for my side fire box smoker. In your general opinion what produces a better product and is easy to maintain the temp, should I go gas or electric ?
  2. I have both a GOSM propane and a Bradley electric. I much prefer the propane. With an electric you do not get a smoke ring so the Q never looks as good. The reason that I got the electric was to put it on a wooden deck. I can use it when it rains, the propane is out at the back of the yard so it is not the greatest when we get one of those Florida dowpours. As I said though I much prefer the results from the GOSM.

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    FWIW I am switching my electric to propane after buying a gosm. My big electric up to now has only been able to do sausages because of the temps,

    The big thing for me getting a gosm for my smaller smokes rather than an electric is I want to be able to do them at the lake, or when we are camping out hunting dove, which is easier with propane, just make sure the tanks full and you are golden. I think you can turn out good q on either one.

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