My first reverse flow trailer build

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  1. I would like to share the progress of my trailer build and would love some input as this is my first reverse flow.I have 60% of it built.I originally thought i would construct it all from new steel and basically make two boxes as cook chamber and fire box but i was lucky enough to come across a local add for some pipe that was almost half inch thick for a low cost.The gentleman who sold me the pipe also had pretty much everything i needed to c build my project at a very good price.Of course it was all used metal so a lot of sandblasting will be required at the end.
    I purchased a small utility trailer with a 3500lbs axle as the base.
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  2. I found this six foot long thirty inch diameter steel caisson on my local craigslist along with a five foot twenty four inch diameter pipe.

    I am using the

    smaller pipe for the fire box.Both pipes are just under half an inch thick

  3. I purchased this small utility trailer as the base for my pit as it set up with a 3500 lbs axle. 
  4. I

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    That is some thick steel. Should make a great smoker.

  6. preparing to cut the doors out
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    What are you cutting it with?
  8. I am cutting with a grinder.It takes awhile but does thin clean cuts. 


  10. Dry fitting the cook chamber and firebox.

    I was going to put the firebox in line with chamber but decided it would work better this was as i am going to build a box warmer/smoker on right side of the cooker.  

  11. the fire box
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    Interesting arrangement. Looking forward to seeing your warming box set up.
  13. fitting the end cap of cook chamber before welding in baffle

  17. Making the stack 

    Not the best looking welds but considering i only just learned arc 3 weeks ago.I will have a lot of grinding to do. 
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    Doing a great job man! Gonna be a nice smoker

  19. chimney with damper complete now to install the doors
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    Coming along nicely.

    Building a smoker is a great way to hone your welding skills.

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