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  1. Hello all,

    Newbie here.  I'm getting ready for my first smoke and I keep seeing references to the MES 30 and an included temperature probe.  I have the all black model with the top digital controls.  It didn't come with any kind of a meat probe.  Should it have?

  2. bearcarver

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    If it's one of the older models of the Gen #1 units, it doesn't come with a built in meat probe.

    However that is one of the better MES smokers.

    I don't trust my MES probe anyway.

  3. Thanks. Turns out, my bigger concern should have been the small fire that went off last night when I was seasoning it. “Boom”, right in my face as I snuck a peak through the chip filler.
  4. chef jimmyj

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    Too much Chips!! Anything more than about 1/4C will generate explosive gasses. Pull the Chip Loader and you sent a rush of Air and BOOM!

    While seasoning my MES, I added as much chips and the loader would hold. Twenty minutes later there was a loud bang. The loader was blown 3 feet into the yard and a foot of flame shot out the hole with additional puffs of flame every few seconds...JJ
  5. geerock

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    What model number do you have? There were several "fixes" offered by masterbuilt for various models and various issues, including a retro fit chip tray because of fires from the loader. Do you have a top exhaust and the controller on the top back?
  6. Yes, I have a top exhaust and the controller at the top back.  It's model 2007-0910
  7. I started with that smoker model. If I remember correctly the internal meat probe was in a clip on the left hand inside wall.

    But as Bearcarver said, be careful trusting those probes. It may be better than nothing, but it won't beat a Maverick 732 or an iGrill

    I use the iGrill (love it). I gave my son (who got my old MES-30 when I bought my MES-40)  the 732 for Christmas. I recommend getting the Maverick from Todd Johnson at You might want to consider the AMNPS too.
  8. geerock

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    That model is a gen 1 and is a nice little smoker. But I believe it has no meat probe. 800 watt element instead of the 650 in other 30's. And an access panel to get to the element in case of trouble. Get a maverick et732 or 733 to verify your smoke chamber temp and meat temp. And small chunks instead of chips gives longer smoke time. Best of luck.
  9. Thanks for the replies all. First smoke going well. Had nice spare ribs for lunch and the pork butt should be ready just in time for dinner.
  10. Hello, My MES 30 is from Cabelas. 20071914  it has the meat probe. I will be careful of not over doing the chips.


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