Making a Ham kielbasa (first try)

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  1. At the end of May. I am going to purchase a Pork Butt roast.  I plan on turning that to a ham roast. Once it is finished brining, I will smoke it.   What I plan on doing with that ham, is cut some off for small chunks and grind the rest, then add spices, of which I have no idea what ones to use, although the traditional pink salt I know is a No No, then I will add the cubes, mix them in then stuff into pork casings.  I will then smoke the sausage.

    The question I have is, what spices should I use, I have several kielbasa recipes around here.  Should I stick with one of those or head in different direction.  In searching the internet, I have found no recipe for ham kielbasa.

    Any help would be very appreciated!
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    What it seems like you are looking for is Kielbasa Szynkowa (Shinkova). The folks that sell this stuff describe it as the best of both Kielbasa and Ham together. 

    The Polish sausage making website describes it as chunks of pork and ground pork that is mixed separately with cure and very basic seasoning, then mixed together and smoked like Ham. Not the same as above. So, basically I can't find a recipe only a description.

    My suggestion would be to add cured fully cooked ham chunks, small enough to fit through your stuffing tube to a raw Kielbasa recipe. Course grind the raw pork butt, mix in cure#1 and seasoning then rest over night. The next day, grind a second time, finer, mix in the Ham chunks then stuff your desired size casing and smoke the whole deal. Follow the Kielbasa directions. The cure in the ground mix will have zero affect on the Ham chunks because they are already cooked and the cure has been absorbed by the Kielbasa mix. I use the recipe below as it is most like what I grew up eating with my 100% Polish parents and grandparents...JJ
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  3. Well chef, I do not think that is what I want, raw pork mixed ham.  A local meat market in this town sells a double smoked cherry wood ham kielbasa that is beyond delicious.  It is deep red in color

    A Ham Mixed with Kielbasa meat is not what I was planning to make, Chef  A local store sells Cherry Wood Smoked Kielbasa that is beyond delicious.  See it on the last line of their flyer, pictured below.  Something akin to that is what I am trying to make.

    So I am on search for something like that

    On a footnote, I do not have stuffer, I use my grinder to stuff sausages.  The only caveat will be the fact that plastic device that supports the auger will be the thing that determines the size of chunks I can use, which is not at all large.  I do not know what size the grinder I have is, it says nothing in the documentation of it size.  I do have Kitchen Aid food grinder here, I have taken my stuffing tubes and put them up against that, they are the same size as the tub, but the nut will not screw on, as the shaft size is too big.  That I will have to figure how to make a video to show you..
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    Will this ham be dry cured then smoked or cured and cooked/smoked. we need some more info. I have never heard of ham kielbasa. mixing ham chunks into ground ham then seasoning and stuffing then smoking......I'm not getting it.... If you add cure, it wont do anything cause the meat is already cured. All I can say is to add fresh minced garlic to the ham sausage and give it a whirl........... If your looking for some kielbasa thats beyond delicious you did get a package of my kielbasa

    Good luck

  5. Yes Boykjo, I did get your spice mix, thank you.  I have yet to use it. 

    I guess I am going to have go yo Uniqpol and get some of that cherry wood smoked ham kolbasa and take some money shots, then post them here.
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    So does it actually contain cured fully cooked Ham? The ad does not mention it and it uses the Russian spelling. There is a Double Smoked Wedding Kielbasa (Kielbasa Weselna) that has that look but no Ham in that either. So I really have no idea what you are trying to make. Sorry I could not be more help...JJ


    Here is a link with recipes from Shannon127, my mentor, to make the above. It contains the Nutmeg that is common in Russian Kolbasa...
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  7. Yes it does have ham in it.  This week we are short on funds, other things going on and such or I would go get some and give you a money shot.
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    Now my interest is piqued! It may be an old family recipe that is not common. It sounds interesting and flavorful. I will be following this...JJ
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    Me too

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