I QUIT !!!

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  1. meateater

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    Smoking tobacco that is. [​IMG]  I just realized it's been 5 years since I quit cold turkey. Man does food smell so much better. 
  2. adiochiro3

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  3. alblancher

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    You probably smell better too!
  4. smokinal

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  5. alaskanbear

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    BOY DO I AGREE THERE,  after almost 38 yrs, I did the same, was up to 2 1/2 packs of menthols a day-- cold turkey and havent missed anything but the high price and yukky everything involved.  [​IMG]
  6. bluebombersfan

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    Quit for two years now myself.......Best thing I ever did!
  7. I'm in the process of tapering off, it ain't easy! Good job my friend!
  8. desertlites

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    Yup disgusting habit! Now and than in the southern states I come across restaurants that still have Non smoking sections.just what I want, smelling that smoke while eating.
  9. africanmeat

    africanmeat Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Yes it is a great filling not to smoke i  quit  like you cold Turkey 18 years ago well done my friend[​IMG][​IMG]
  10. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Congrats Meateater !!!

    I quit 3 1/2 years ago, on my 59th Birthday!

    After approximately 600,000 cigarettes!   [​IMG]

  11. pops6927

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    I had to do it a little differently.  I'd smoked since age 5 to age 55 - 50 years (I'm now 60, it's been 5 years for me too).  2 packs a day (brought up in a grocery store with plenty of access to cigarettes).  I'd tried 'quitting' many times with no success.  A customer came in, in his 70's, said he could smell the smoke on me.  I conceded I'd tried quitting but couldn't.  He said, "Don't quit, you'll start right back up again.  You quit something it leaves a void and you fill it with restarting.  You have to figure out why you want to change, then make it undesirable to continue and elevate yourself to being a non-smoker instead of smoker.  Figure out why you like it, change it so you don't, then become someone better.  That's all."  and walked away with those words ringing in my ears.

    I thought about it.  Why did I like to smoke?  I enjoyed the taste.  How can you quit something you enjoy?  You have to change something.

    So, I like full flavor cigarettes.  I made myslef switch to Lights.  A small step.  They were weak and tasteless.  But, I started getting used to them, so I switched again to Ultra Lights.  YUK!  

    Well, I still was smoking.  So I increased my intake to 3 packs a day for 30 days.  More YUK.  So, I labored more - 4 packs a day.  Double YUKKK!  I was chewing up money left and right that I couldn't afford.  Now what?  

    Make a commitment.  GPS's were hot then and I had my eye on  a Magellan for $554.00 including tax and Service Plan.  I ressurrected my RS credit card and bought it with 1 year no interest.  That worked out to about $48 a month.  We couldn't afford 48¢ a month!  Unless.... I ended smoking that was costing us $84 a month!  My plan was now set; I couldn't go back to smoking because we didn't have the money and the bills had to be paid!  

    I changed on Christmas day, announcing to my family I was 'upgrading myself to a non-smoker' and threw away my pack of cigarettes, all of my prized lighters, matches, everything.  Of course, no one believed me.  Also, as I'd recently found out I was diabetic, I'd asked for bags and bags of sugar free hard candies... the fruit flavored ones.

    I put a handful of candies in my shirt pocket and started eating them - OMG - these were so much better than crappy, yukky ultra-light cigarettes!  

    I never looked back and never had a craving for a cigarette again.  I had successfully moved myself from smoker to non-smoker and enjoyed doing it!  My family still can't believe it.  

    This may not work for anyone else, but for me, it's what I had to do to mentally be successful in becoming a non-smoker and staying with it.  It's your choice and you can do it!  If I can, anyone can!  I was the most diehard smoker anyone knew; even I amazed myself that I enjoyed non-smoking! 
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  12. captturbo

    captturbo Smoke Blower

    Some people can just quit like that. For others it's not so easy. When I was a young guy I smoked Camel straights (loved them) and dipped snuff. Since I was doing both I knew I was not doing my health any good and decided to stop the dipping since I was chasing the girls around and spitting the tobacco juice isn't the coolest thing to do in front of them. I tried like hell but it was a losing battle.

    Since I couldn't stop the snuff, I decided to try to quite the smokes. I just put them down and never smoked again. That was 30 years ago and I still sometimes dream that I'm smoking a nice fresh Camel. I awake in a cold sweat from the guilt feelings I guess but darn, I sure did love smoking those things. At least I was able to let go of them as long as I could have that crutch, the pinch between my cheek and gum. I'm still hooked hopelessly and likely will be for life.
  13. meateater

    meateater Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    Thanks everyone. I smoked from 10-40 I'm 46 now. Wait a minute, my math is off it's been 6 years. [​IMG]  Well anyways I came home one day and did this and that looked down at my computer at the big old ash tray sitting there and just tossed everything in the trash can and said I had enough. That was that. Cold Turkey.never went back. I did quit once for 8 months a few years earlier. 
  14. They cut it out in NC and it sucks. Telling a business owner that their patrons can't smoke in THEIR restraunt when smoking is LEGAL is pretty unamerican. You have a choice as to what joints you eat in. Just my two cents.
  15. jak757

    jak757 Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Good job -- I know your lungs appreciate it!!
  16. teeznuts

    teeznuts Master of the Pit

    Think of all the moeny that goes to meat instead of cigarettes since you quit. Congrats to all.
  17. rowdyrawhide

    rowdyrawhide Smoking Fanatic Group Lead

    Congrats meateater, and to all who have successfully beat this addiction.
  18. One day not long after I got married I told my wife that I quit smoking. That was 44 years ago. I had a four pack a day habit of Lucky

    Strike without the filter. Never missed it more than a week. Next to marring my wife it was the smartest thing I've ever done.That was when cigs were 30 cents a pack. I figured I was saving $600 a year. Your are right, it's a great feeling to be smoke free.I figure if I could stop four packs a day cold turkey anyone can. Only problem is I don't have any will power left for my other vices.
  19. scarbelly

    scarbelly Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Just celebrated 27 years without a cig. Started at 10.
  20. nwdave

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    Well, it's good to see I'm in very good company.  Been 31 years now.  It was tough because the wife continued smoking until about 7 years ago, then she quit.  I absolutely forbid the kids to put any pressure on her because of their righteous attitude of it being bad.  All who've been able to quit know deep down that it wasn't all the b.s. propaganda put out by anti-smoking people, nor pressure for outside sources.  The only one who can make it work, cold turkey is your own personal committment.  It took me several attempts to finally go smoke free, because I wanted it.  All you who are trying to quit, hang in there, one day you'll get to the point where you say enough of the high prices, the smell, the aggravation.  Nobody but you can make that decision. 

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