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  1. I have been reading on here for a few weeks now and figuered I would say Howdy to everyone. I live in San Marcos Texas, the land of the brisket. I have a Brinkman Smokin pit with side wood box. Lump charcoal, hickory and oak are usually what I use for smoking. Ya, I know why not mesquite? I find mesquite to get a little bitter. Anyway, I have done two briskets: first one shoe leather, second not bad. I bought a 15 # packer yesterday at HEB and plan on puttin it on saturday night. Pretty excited because my Maverick came in yesteday and I have never smoked useing internal temp. I have done lots of Drunk chickens, boudin and sausage. Just hope I can nail this brisket. Thank all of yall for the info on this site it really helps. Bud
  2. shellbellc

    shellbellc Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Welcome aboard Bud! Stick that probe in there and get going. I'm sure you'll be more successful with the temp cooking. I can't imagine cooking without it!
  3. jts70

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    Glad ya decided to sign on! keep us posted as we love to hear about and see pics of BBQ.
  4. teacup13

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    welcome to SMF... real glad you found us...jump right in and join the group
  5. buddy

    buddy StickBurners

    Hey man welcome! Glad your here.
  6. squeezy

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    Welcome to the SMF ... glad you decided to join! [​IMG]
  7. triple b

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    Glad to have you aboard.
    Welcome to SMF !
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    Welcome to the SMF[​IMG]
  9. t-bone tim

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    A big hello from Canada...welcome to SMF !![​IMG]
  10. cheech

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    Welcome to the SMF please let us know how the brisket turns out make sure to take pictures. We will try to help any way that we can
  11. hillbillysmoker

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    Nice to see you on the forum. Please share your experiences and also feel free to ask questions or to draw from the knowledge of the friendly folks on the forum.
  12. wvsmokeman

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    Welcome aboard the SMF!
  13. msmith

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    Welcome to the forum Bud glad your here. Im a Texan also and I dont use mesquite either. I prefer pecan wood myself seems to go good with any type of meat. Good luck with the brisket and show some pics.
  14. ultramag

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    Welcome to SMF thadlivingston!!!
  15. I'm sure you will find sucess by using internal meat temp smoking. If you follow the tips in this forum you will become a MUCH better BBQ er.[​IMG]
  16. bud

    bud Newbie OTBS Member

    Thank yall for the welcome. I had to shorten up my log name. I will take some pics with the wifes new digital camera and see if I can figure out how to post them on the SMF. BUD.
  17. dutch

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    Welcome to SMF, Bud. Be sure to check out the Brisket thread in the Beef forum. The only thing I DON'T use my thermo on is ribs, poultry and fish. The ET-73 get's stuck into everything else (meat-wise).

  18. bud

    bud Newbie OTBS Member

    Do you insert the thermometer right at the beginning of the smoke or do you wait until 5 or 6 hours in? Also, is it ok to lay the thermometer on the grate or will that damage the sensor? It's lookin pretty wet down here for the next few days. Any advice on "smokin in the rain".[​IMG]
  19. dutch

    dutch Smoking Guru Staff Member Administrator Group Lead OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    What kind of themometer did you get? My Maverick ET-73 has two probes that connects to the base unit-one to monitor food internal temps and the other to monitor the chamber temps. I insert the food probe into the meat at the start of the smoke session. The chamber probe has a clip on stand that it's inserted to. Since I lost my stand, I just poke the chamber probe through a potatoe that I cut in half.

    DO NOT allow your probe to come into contact with metal. One of my kids thought they were helping me when they stuck the food probe into an aluminum foil wrapped rib roast-it shorted out the probe, luckily I had an extra probe on hand.
  20. bud

    bud Newbie OTBS Member

    I got the Maverick ET-73 and planned on putting one probe in the brisket and one on the grate to get a better temp reading. Thanks, I will be using half a potato as a stand. So I guess when you foil at about 170 you do not want your probe to touch the tin foil? Thanks Dutch.

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