Got me some new (to me) camp ovens

Discussion in 'General Dutch Oven Information' started by fastball, Jul 13, 2008.

  1. I don't know if I got a deal on them or not.....but they were worth it to me. I've been looking for one to keep at my cabin, and found these on CL for 100 bucks. It's a 16", a 14", and a little chili pot. They're seasoned and ready to go. I'm a happy camper.
  2. mavrick813

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    If that's what they looked like when you got them, I would suggest a trip down Self Cleaning Oven Road. Then re-season them.

    But I'd say that is a Decent buy for those.

  3. Yep, just picked them up today on my way home and took this pic. Will be cleaning them up tomorrow, but was glad to see there was no rust on them. I got no idea what the going rate is for'em. But have been looking for a while, so it's a good buy to me.
  4. bearmoe

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    I like the look of that chili pot, I'd like one of those. Looks like a good deal.
  5. ncdodave

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    awesome price! you paid less than half price for the ovens and got the chili pot for free. a 14 is going for about $90 and the 16 is a whopping $139 or more depending on where you get them. You did well!

    I don't think you have to send them through a self cleaning cycle but then again i cant see them for my self in person.
  6. Thanks Dave. No, they don't need the self-cleaning cycle, they're in pretty good shape, but I'd feel better about cleaning them.

    I'm going to coat them in oven cleaner and wrap them up for a day, then wash'em up, then re-season them. I thought I had some oven cleaner around here, but didn't so, I'll get on it tomorrow. I'm eager to them to work. I have a couple of CI dutch ovens, but not the camp type, so I've got lots of recipes swimming around in my head.
  7. smokin out the neighbors

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    Great find.
  8. soarkrebel

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    Those look pretty nice. I think they are worth $100..........
  9. Nope, not a one. It is in very good condition, but for all I know, it could have been made by Paul Revere, or in someone's backyard. Not a number, name, nothing. The lid fits perfectly, so I'm assuming it was mass produced and actually not that old.
  10. ncdodave

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