Does it matter how I stack the meat in racks?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by tlcpokertables, Sep 5, 2009.

  1. Hi....Newbie here!
    I am in the middle of smoking (2) racks of baby back ribs and (4) meatloafs in a vertical smoker. Right now, the ribs are on the top 2 racks and the meatloafs are on the bottom 2 racks. The ribs seem to be doing well, but the loaves look evidently under-cooked. Is there a right way to cook them both at the same time?
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    Well I think that is how I would stack them if I had a vertical smoker. Just remember never put poultry on the top rack above other food and cook to internal temp is correct.
  3. Part of me thinks the top 2 racks are more appropriate for the meatloafs, since heat rises, it maybe be hotter at the top. Just guessing.
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    We know it's a vertical smoker, but what type? Does it have a sfb? Charcoal, electric, a gasser? I would say that the bottom rack would be hotter since it's closer to the heat source. What's the internal temp of the meat loaves? The chicken issue is debateable.
  5. It's a Perfect Flame, propane vertical smoker. This is only the first time I'm using it....I don't have any meat temp gauges as of yet.
  6. Mikey - I would agree with you about keeping the loafs on the bottom racks, but there is the wood chip box as well as a water pan above the heat source. My thought is that the heat goes up the sides to the top. Again, just guessing.
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    According to Jeff, he smokes his @250 degrees for 3-4 hrs for an internal temp of 160 degrees. Without some type of meat thermo, you're at a disadvantage by not knowing the internal temp. Hope this helps & good luck.

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