Diy pellet hopper assembly

Discussion in 'Other Builds' started by fochers, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. fochers

    fochers Fire Starter

    Has anyone in here made there own pellet hopper assembly? I don't feel like spending that much for a pre made one.
  2. trippy

    trippy Smoke Blower

    If you have something to bend metal you can buy the parts and do it yourself. I think often one fails to value their time into building things. The only cavyot to that is if the items cost is hugely expensive to buy vs your build cost. If you calculate in time cost it gets hard to build stuff unless that's what gives you happiness. Then it really is muted. Pellet hoppers are fairly simple if you have the tools to work with. Only need a PID cintroler to manage it.
  3. mendozer

    mendozer Fire Starter

    Did you ever get into making this?

    I am contemplating this as well. I don't mind making the hopper itself. Could be made from sheet metal or even a bucket. The hard part for me would be wiring up a motor, auger, and PID controller for controlling temps and feed speed. I'd even be curious about a gravity fed operation where you just adjust the feed rate from a turnstile end with a PID to allow flow down into the fire pot

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