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    Doing my first brisket sunday anyone have any tips tricks or advice. Im not set on a rub yet. Thinking either a basic bbq rub or maybe something with a spicier cajun bite to it. One to any suggestions thanks.
  2. are you going w/foil or no is it a full packer if so how big? 
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    Paul , there are several things folks do to cook a Brisket. Rubbing with whatever , wrapping when half way , adding juice to the wrapped meat , Injecting with Broth or other liquid .

    I tend to be as simple as I can ... different smokers have different 'attitudes' and you must work them out . I am a Stick Burner and use no "Charcoal" or Charred pieces . I use different woods for different flavor profiles .

    My rub for Brisket is Sea Salt and Cracked Black Pepper ( sometimes I add Garlic and Onion powders). I coat liberally and press it in...

    Next I place it in a pre-heated 225*F Smoker . I tend to leave the lid shut until the finish ( unless for a problem  or to show for a Pic.) otherwise the lid stays shut the entire time. When you are looking , you're not cooking .

    When my Brisky get close to it's finish ( I go by my temps.) at 195*F to 205*F , I open , probe with a toothpick for tenderness. Sometimes , especiallyRibs or something I use Sugars on , I can smell the doneness (a sweet , not pungent , smell) in the smoke.

    You will get a lot of ways to do your cook , but simplicity is always a good choice .

    Hope you have goodluck with your smoke , and as you do , the best advice you will get is this . . .Patience !

    My results...

    Have fun and . . .

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