Another Smoker in a House.

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    This is a subject found on all the forums but I never did find a answer for my questions.

    There is so much to be considered when you consider housing your smoker.

    First, I will limit the discussion to a wood burner. I will not be burning charcoal because of the potential for dangerous gases forming.

    So the questions;

    1.Fire protection.


    I had a 12 x 8 house built from Home Depot and built by Lawn Masters here in Birmingham, Al.

    Thought about a DIY but at 80 years old, it's a big job for me.

    By the time I bought material and wasted some by errors I probably came out as cheap and I got a good job

    Floor joist on 12" centers and Wall are 2X4 on 16" center.

    1. For safety I put Hardibacker board on the floor for the hearth and on the wall behind the firebox. Left about 1 inch open at bottom for air circulation.

    2. Venting. taking a two prong approach. I called Ben Lang, the owner of Lang Smokers and talked to him about extending the smoke stack and what effect would that have on my smoker. Ben said it would actually improve the efficiency and burn less wood. I should mention that I have a Lang 36 original. It has always done a good job but I don't smoke much in severe weather. My plan is to be able to smoke all year round.

    That takes care of the smoke stack but I still have to contend with the smoke that escapes when I open the door. I am planning to use a regular range hood hanging from chains over and slightly to the front of the door opening.

    That is the smoker. Here is the house.

    Smoker in the house.

    Set in to check for fit.

    Going to put more Hardi board in floor and finish covering the wall behind the smoker with it.

    This still leaves me room for a full size refrigerator in the other end of room with sitting room for two or three in center of room.

    I will post more pictures when I get the vent and hood installed.
  2. Hello.  Slap some meat on that puppy and put another 6 pack in the fridge I'm on my way!  Good lookin set up!  Keep Smokin!

  3. jpittssr

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    I see you are a Ham operator.
    Me too N2KT here but not very active anymore.
  4. Glad you posted that project. My wife and I were shopping for garden sheds at HD and Lowes last weekend. The purpose was to get a nicer shed for the mowers and such to get them out of my wood shop. The other thing we looked at was a metal shed at HD for 278.00 to use for my new Trailmaster and my vertical gas smoker. I thought of doing this last year but never got as far as looking. I have enough 2x4's in my shop to  put up a building but my wife just rolls her eyes when I say I'm going to do it. I have severe COPD caused by an autoimmune disease and on 02 24/7 so I am unable to do things like used to. I'm in my upper 50's and can only drive a couple nails and rest. My heart and  mind is still able to do the work but the body says otherwise so I know where your coming from on the 80 and all the redo's or cutting twice and more trips to the lumber yard! I might have my grown sons build it for me. Hope to have a set up like yours for winter time smoking or just bad weather in general. 
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    It cost a little more but if your fiances will permit it is easy.
    12X8 stick built from Home Depot $2051. No tax and very good quality.
  6. jpittssr

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    Fired it up to test my stack extension. Brought up to 250 and the exit pipe was pretty hot. Too hot to touch.
    As I thought, will install double wall pipe tommorw.

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