AMNS and MES 30 Recommendation

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  1. I have the MES 30 without a glass window door.  I'm looking to get a AMNS and am wondering what size is best.  Looked around on their website and didn't see a recommendation.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I forgot the size but get the one that fits between the chip box and the wall.  I have the MES 30 as well and got that one. Just measure the space and get the one that will fit in it.

    I love mine most the time.  tonight not so much.  Like bad Chinese food, this too shall pass.

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    I believe its 5x8, but its the only standard size. I use one and like it. The pellets can be used for both hot and cold smokes as long as it isn't not August in south Louisiana. LOL

    The dust tubes are basically for cold smoking.

    I enjoy my AMPs, it does require a bit of a learning curve, but if I can figure it out its not hard.....

    It fits really snug, I actually use it on a grate if at all humanly possible better air circulation. You may need a 12 in crescent hammer to adjust the aux smoke generator, again if  a redneck can achieve it you should have no trouble.

    PS I like pecan

    PSS Do yourself a favor and go ahead and get a good little blow torch.

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