3 a.m. smoker thoughts.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kawboy, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. I woke up a 3 a.m. to start a brisket. As I was trying to go back to sleep, my mind kept trying to convince me a bear was trying to get into my smoker. There wasn't one of course, but got me thinking, has anyone ever had a critter mess with your smoker? I've had red squirrels mess with it, but never while it was working.
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    Last home I lived in had a smokehouse out back courtesy of the previous owner. I refurbed it and was smoking a few hams and the next morning when I went out to check how things were going, the door was open and every ham was gone. I don't think it was any of the neighbors so I suspect a 4 legged critter got in and ate everything. Later that day I put up a trail camera just in case they returned.
  3. One time, after being away from home for a couple of weeks, I lit my gas grill.  I lifted the lid to check if both burners had lit, and two very fat rats came flying out from under the lid.  They hit the deck and disappeared off the side, scared the [email protected] out of me and my dog.  After that I did the longest preheat on high ever, ah the quiet country life.

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