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Season your wood?

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Has anyone every tried to season your own wood and if so did it work. By season it I mean soak it in wiskey, wine, soda, soda. I'm really curious if this would work and if you could benefit from it. The Ace Hardware by my house has wife slants and walmart has the jack daniels chips but there pretty pricey.  I think buying a bottle of makers mark and soaking some chips in it. Then drink the rest while smoking with it. Obviously this would be costly but that is part of the craft.

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I think you'd have to soak the chips for quite a long time to be effective. We're talking months at least.

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well as for season i like the jackdaniels wood chips they are made from the barrels they cure the whiskey in. so in defense of ak1 they are in them barrels for a very long time.

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