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First Fatty w/ QView

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Following all the great advice, I attempted my first fatt last Sundayy. I cooked it alongside a leg o'lamb and saved the fatty for a later meal. I used Italian sweet sausage patties for the shell and stuffed with sharp provolone, fresh basil, roasted red peppers, pickled eggplant and fresh cracked pepper.


















This was after about 3 hours at 225. The internal temp hit 165, but to me the bacon looked nowhere near done enouggh, so I upped the temp to 350. After another 15 minutes, the internal temp was a little over 170, so I pulled it from the smoker and refrigerated it until tonight.


We reheated it tonight, first for about 5 minutes in the microwave wrapped in while paper towels to absorb the fat from the bacon, then under a broiler for a few minutes to try to crisp up the bacon. We couldn't wait, so before that happened, we dug in.




This was better than expected - it was great! We're hooked. I think I'll be doing this alot. Having one of these in the fridge ready to be reheated on a work night, well, it doesn't get much better.


Thanks, SMF, for the idea and for the pointers!



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That is a great looking fattie man. It only takes one to get ya hooked -

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Yes, that's a great lookin' Fattie!! (caution) they are very addictive 

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LOL on being hooked, I look for reasons to make one

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WOW, that looks beautiful.

I Love the idea of roasted peppers.

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Word of caution with the fatties, if you are gonna eat one you'll be hooked, so go out and by some bigger pants, and a bigger belt.

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Man i haven't made a fattie in awhile hmmmmm  Im really liking the peppers, provolone, & basil?  I think I'll throw on some marinara


God Im hungry now

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wait a minute!! What happened to the leg of lamb??

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Yea the fattie looks great an all but what did happen to the leg of lamb???? I would like to see it but your fattie looks fabulous and it looks like you have found the exact amount of cheese to use too. Now the this is just one of the first things that you'll get hooked on. You just wait the worst is yet to come..........Sausage and Bacon are still out there too

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Thanks,  guys, for the tips and encouragement. The leg o' lamb QView was posted, too!

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excellent Qview, buddy!   well done!


that last shot is incredible.  the melty cheese, the pinkness of the smoked sausage, those little roasted peppers peeking out.


aw yeah!!! 

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