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Two chickens fighting to get out of the drum.

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Kinda got a late start today, as far as the smokin goes. Had a cooler full of beverage that I have been keepin cold all week, so I figured I better get to drinkin them. What better way to have a brew then to have a couple chickens in the drum. And to top it off they were like 39 cents a pound. They have just a splash of EVO then one has greek season and the other has adobo season on it. Half a beer in each stand along with some rub. They jumped in a 300 degree fire at 5:00 and ended up getting out at about 7:30. With the temp staying between 300 and 350.  Rested for an hour, The rest is history.


After a few drinks I peaked in at them and OMG it looked like they were fighting. Maybe it was just me, but I sure laughed.












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Looks like a happy UDS and 2 nice birds

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lol it did look like they were scraping, nice bird holders you made there, great idea instead of having to cut the damn cans open.

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Thanks Pan, these are in no way work of mine. There is a little to much tig skill involved in these holders to be my work. Tho I wish I could do that. Three grand and a year to practice and maybe just maybe I can do the same.


The best part of these holders is that they are small enough to slid right in the bird. Then they deffinatly do not tip over. When the cook is over all you have to do is grab the bird and set it in your pan. Then after they cool, toss them in the sink with water and they clean right up. UMM ya 1/4" stainless is dishwasher safe but I have no dishwasher.


Oh Ya !!!  There is times like tonight that you think the cooker is cooled down enough so you run out in your socks to grab the holders and half way back to the house you start to find out that they are actually still pretty hot. Its ok tho. I made it with no spills.


Here is a full on shot.



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nice they hold alot of liquid, i think im liking the spatchcocked birds better, well where you cut the spine out and lay them flat down anyway.

they cooked quicker. I tried that on my last birds and seems like a keeper.

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haha just saw the pic again and they look like rockem sockem chickens lol

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Looks like one took a whooping!

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I will have to try the spatchcocked birds.


I need to find something new for our contest in Sept. I need to end up with 6 identifiable pieces that will fit in the box. I was thinking about doing 3 wholes, and ending up with 6 legs and 6 wings in a box. The wings would end up being more for looks then eatin since they are a little sparse in the meat area.


The two from today did not have crispy skin but it was very very easy to take a bite and not end up with the whole skin in my mouth.


Did I happen to say,


How much I love my drum!!!!

I am having thoughts of building one from heavy steel. Just thoughts tho at this point. If I do it, I will have to make a giant lid, like the mega weber party grill. If you have never seen this thing in person, its a must to check out. I wanna make the lid on my drum work like this one does. Its a little over 40 inchs across.



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I used the wiki to learn how to cut the chickens up and thats all i did from that i didnt do the other stuff he did i just seasoned them the way i wanted

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those big webers are pretty cool! I saw one at the Q On The River Contest in Excelsior Springs a couple weekends ago.  I was thinkin, that lid might fit on a 250 gallon propane tank UDS

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