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not sure I can help you out much..other than to tell you what my setting are....the Hy I have set at target temp is 325F and I have the fan come on at 325F and off at 332F


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Can't ask for any more than that. It seems as if you're off to the races now. We'll be looking for some good Q outta ya in the near future.

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Pulse width modulation or PWM is indeed indictive of a PID controller and how it controls the power input therefore the heat output from something like a resisitive heating element.

You need to look in the manual that came with the unit or find a manual on line somewhere for the unit you have and see if there is a simple on off type control avaliable in it.

You may even have to get something a little more suitible to task. At the price they charge for the one I've been using it's not going to break anyones bank.  

The small units we're using fit the bill just right for smokers wheather it's a stocker fan for a stick or charcoal burner, or an electric or even gas fired unit.  

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OK I took a quick look and found what looks to be a manual for your unit here.


It seems as though there is no simple on-off control available for the SSR output on that particular unit so you would need to set Outy to 01 which sets it up for no PID, no SSR and JI and J2 are both setup as alarm type outputs.

Just choose one of the outputs, AL1/J1 or AL2/J2  as your fan control output and set the temps for that purpose. You can still use the other output for an alarm if you want one.

While it's not uber ideal it sure beats nothing and it will defeat the PID/PWM problem you're having now.


I don't know the output rating for the J1 & J2 outputs as it doesn't seem to be listed unless it's 3A at 22VAC max. I assume they are relay contacts so be sure to match the power to the fan you're using. The small fans we use for stoker fans shouldn't present a problem.


Personally I prefer SSRs and 110VAC line voltage whenever possible as it keeps things simple as no power additional supplies are needed and SSRs don't have contacts that wear and burn out after X number of cycles and some amount of use. AC is also better for contact wear as DC tends to present more contact arcing therefore faster contact wear especially with inductive loads like motors. 

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