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New to forum......lookin for some help!

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Hello....I am goin to build a smoker and have a pretty good idea on the basics, but wondering if anyone has some input on different types or models. I think I am gonna make it out of 24" pipe. The smoker 4' long and the smoking box on one end 2' long. It doesnt need to be that portable. Once built I look forward to the suggestions and recipes found on here.......





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Glad you choose to join the smokin crowd,


Theres lots to think about, here is a link to my build.


Duckkiller has a couple builds going as well as several other members. Do a quick search of reverse flow side firebox and you will have a ton to look at for ideas. On ducks signature there is a link to the smoker calculator. It will answer alot of questions. Any other questions.....just ask away.

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Thanks for the help.....The Chiefs smoker is toooo cool!!!!! Other than gettin the pipe, I think eveything else is do-able. Here at work the tools and equipment are limitless, so I will do more viewing and getting more ideas.


Thanks again.....

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Have you checked in the build section here there are alot of good smokers in there the last time I looked.

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