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2nd Brisket, 1st qview enjoy..... I did!

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Well here we go this was my second attempt at a Brisket on Sunday. I had tried this once before about a year ago before I knew of SMF. I just through that slab of meat on there and ended up with shoe leather. Anyway I have wanted to get a UDS Fab'd up but with a newborn and a broken vehicle it just wasn't in the cards. So I have a Doctored up Weber. I slathered this little 5lbr with mustard and then rubbed with Montreal, just wanted to keep it simple today. I knew I might have an issue with it drying out so I found a quick injection sauce on the fly from someone on the board. I can't remember but, I just winged it with a Dark Beer, 1 cube of butter and 10 dashes of Worschester sauce. Started at 0930 930.jpg


Let her rip with Kingsford comp and some hickory on the other side of that cookiesheet. 225-275 throughout the day while I monkeyed around with some other mods. Its that silly one touch system and was having a hard time getting it choked down. Finally found some Aluminum duct tape and covered 2/3 of the slats in the bottom making a much more finite control directly under the fire. Drawing the smoke across the weber to the exhaust I was able to keep the temps at 225-240 fairly easily after that. Didn't even have to reload the thing till it was time to grill some chicken for the Wife (she doesn't eat red meat, that's fine cuz that's more for me!!!!)


Ready for foil and a towel wrap until supper time


Sliced and ready for serving with or without sauce it was all delicious. Had some 'tato salad and rolls with a few Coors originals. Everyone was happy. It was a good day. -Evan

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It looks great

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Great brisky for a fabbed up pit!

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Nice brisket, Looks Nice.....

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Oh No !

It has a red ring around it !!!!!


Just kidding----Nice Smoke Ring---SmokeyBass!




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Turn out nice!  Glad the second go went well and thanks for sharing the Q!  

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That is some nice looking brisket - congrats on a great smoke

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Looks great!! Nice smoke ring. Thumbs up for sure.  Nice Mod work on the webber. You gotta do whatcha gotta do.


My first run in with a brisket was not a good outcome either. I think I had it cooked in 4 hours or so.. Yah, I knew nothing about low and slow at the time. Just threw it into a little bitty smoker that was given to me, lit up a bunch of charcoal and wood and went. probably cooked at about 400-450. I think I could have ate the shoe that I was wearing and not noticed a difference.


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That's a great looking brisket!  I could easily handle three or four slices of that one.

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Now the brisket looks fabulous for sure.

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Excellent smoke ring ... very tasty looking...

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Originally Posted by Bearcarver View Post

Oh No !

It has a red ring around it !!!!!


Just kidding----Nice Smoke Ring---SmokeyBass!




lol, now that's funny right there!

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Nice job Smokey Bass but where was mine on Monday you BASSHOLE

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Thumbs up for that briskey!!!   got  a packer in the freezer ,Trying to decide on what to do w/ it.

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