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Ohhh please....spare me

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Planning on doinf some pork spare ribs today.....last minute decision...LOL


I was just wondering if spares are done like baby backs as far as 3-2-1 method or should I be doing something different.  Also wondering if temp range should be around 225* and a rough time frame for completion. 


Thanks and I promise Qview.



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I usually figure about 6 hours for spares, but I don't foil. I cook around 230* and look for pull back and bend.

You planning in trimming them into a St Louis cut?

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I have an MES and do them at 230.  I use a 3-1.5-.5 and they come out moist and just short of fall off the bone.  Good luck and don't forget the Q VIEW.

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I use the 3-2-1 method and it works perfect for me, I recommend you do it that way the first time and then adjust to you tastes. It will give you a good base line to work from

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I also have some spares in the smoker too. I use a modified 3-2-1 and it is 3 hours naked 2 hours foiled and then 1 hour naked again. Even from my high school it adds up to 6 hours. Now I use a 3-11/4-1 for my spares. Baby backs are 2-2-1 = 5 

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Thanks guys.....I put a light homemade rub on them and have them in the smoker right now.  I think I will do a modified 3-2-1 method as explained above.  I will have a report and Qview later.

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cant' wait to see them! love me some ribs!

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The ribs turned out pretty good, but room for improvement.  Next time smoking temp gets dropped to around 200*F.  Did todays spare ribs at 225*F and at the 5 hour mark I yanked 'em off and they were a bit over-done.  Not terrible, but noticeably a little drier than I had hoped for.


Well is the promised Qview.


The beginning, midway and the final product


img_1247 copy.jpg


img_1248 copy.jpg


img_1251 copy.jpg

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Those spares or country style ribs?

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They look like Country Style. They look good.

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Those are country style. I can even taste them. Man they look excellent. Thanks Friend

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Thread Starter bad.  Country style.

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