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Breakfast Fatty Question - Here it is w/ Qview

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Thanks for the help on the breakfast fatty. I ended up scrambling the eggs prior to rolling and they turned out perfect. Here's the Qview:


The Ingredients: Scrambled eggs, Cheese & Shrooms













A couple of notes:


Since this was my first Fatty (and definitely not my last) I have a another question:


Do you throw the sausage chub in the freezer for a little while to firm it up? Mine was a little mushy and not the easiest to roll around the stuffing. I took it straight from the refrigerator.


Thanks again for the input and making something NEW a big hit at the breakfast table!!!

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Looks great. I do put mine in the freezer to let it firm up.

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look great!!! yummo, i'm getting ready to fire up the smoker and make some myself!

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glad I can be the one to share this with you!


it's called a fatty piston and its glorious.  I made my own last week and tried it out, it worked great.  Ours was chorizo, egg, orange pepper and cheddar.  We did it all up in a skillet the night before and packed it into the piston to sit overnight.  the sausage had also been pre-rolled the night before so we had two cold ingrediants... the thing rolled like a charm and smoked to perfection.  I'd check it out.

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I second the fatty piston - I did a trade with cowgirl for one of hers and I love it - I too like to put the meat in the freezer for a bit.

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Looks Great!


I throw mine in the Freezer for a bit as well...

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I hope you smoked it, Cause I have Wood!!!

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