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anyone have a good Hawaiian style bbq sauce?

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i am planning on smoking some chicken this week and am looking for a good hawaiian style bbq sauce recipe if someone has one they would like to share. and maybe a good rub that compliments it?

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Buy a bottle of " Rufus Teague Made some Sauce " regular blend. Add I/2 cleaned and skinned papaya or mango and half the slices out of a can of pineapple run through a food processor with the sauce. Then Heat and eat. Not Bad , Not bad at all

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i'll have to try that next time. i did find a recipe and it was pretty darn good. pretty easy to make and very simple.


Hawiian Style BBQ Sauce


1 cup unsweetend pineapple juice

3/4 cup ketchup 

3/4 cup teriyaki sauce

3 tbsp brown sugar

3 tcsp ginger

3 minced garlic cloves


can also adjust with other tropical fruit juice or puree' as per taste


mix and simmer 15 minutes or so

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I've been making this Maori sauce for several years:


2 T. finely chopped onion

1 T. vegetable oil

1 C. chili sauce

1 T. Worcestershire Sauce

1 ½ t. garlic powder

½ t. white pepper

¼ C. pineapple juice

1 small bay leaf

¾ C. honey

1 C. tomato sauce

½ t. salt

2 T. brown sugar

1 ½ t. chili powder

1 T. BBQ spice

1 ½ t. liquid smoke

1 T. white vinegar


Sauté onion in vegetable oil until golden brown.  Combine with remaining ingredients in a saucepan.  Bring to a boil, reduce heat and simmer, covered, for about an hour.  Makes three cups.


I serve grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast on a Kaiser roll with a slice of grilled pineapple and plenty of Maori sauce.



  • Use a can of crushed pineapple - puree in blender.  Adds thicker body and fruitier flavor to sauce.
  • Grilled pineapple: place pineapple slice in brown sugar and then onto grill turning once.
  • Tenderize and/or pound chicken flat so it cooks evenly and can be eaten on a bun.

Split buns, butter cut sides, and place onto grill until golden brown.

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