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Update on my garden!

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Hi all, well, I'm feeling better so I have been able to enjoy my ongoing garden. It sure has been some great therapy. I hired me a strapping young buck to come and help me get this far, I hope you enjoy the pics!




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Looks great Squirrel. Especially like the Treant! I.m hoping to pick my first ripe early girl when I get home from work.

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Glad to hear your feeling better and great pics as usual

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Back in action----GREAT !


Unbelievable pictures too !





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Nice garden. Can you smoke flowers? Glad to hear you're doin' better.

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Yea, there are some you can smoke the buds of, so I've heard, but don't inhale, just sayin'.

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Great looking garden. Thanks for sharing.

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Lovely garden Cheryl.



How did my cat get there thoughS3000161.JPG

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I hope that is not your "Buck" in the first pic.  He looks as though he is laying down on the job.  Great pics Cheryl.  Glad to see you back.  I know, you have been back for a while.  Well, I was gone for a while, so to me, you're back!  Now, keep those wonderful pictures coming.

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This little guy is taking "flying" lessons in my tomato garden, mama was not very happy that I was getting close to her little one!

baby birdie.jpg

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LOL----He better wait 'til his wings are bigger than his belly!


Hmmmm, must be why I can't fly???





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Dang, I was hoping you would include a pic of the strapping young buck!!!


Glad you're feeling better

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Here he is, I thought I put the picture in, oh well. Blonde. What can I say.


LOL MrsB! Yea, I'm thinking of putting in a swimming pool just so I can have a pool boy!




baby birdie.jpg

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Wow.....Fantastic pictures and vegtables thanks for sharing.

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