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A little Pork for the Fourth

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Well after a late night of fire works and BBQ at a friends house yesterday we decided to hang around the house and do some chores. That meant I could smoke some meat.

I did a 7 1/2 lb pork shoulder and three racks of spare ribs..

I used a new coffee rub that I picked up from a local place called Two Spicy Ladies.  They are local and hit all the local farmers markets. Had a chance to talk with them about buying bulk spices and they said sure just to let them know prior to the local farmers market and they would bring my order with them. Check them out lots of great spices and pre-mixed rubs.

Here is a picture of the should roast in the smoker. Got a late start and did not put them on until 8:00 pm



At 11:30 I put the three racks of ribs in. I was going to use the rib racks that came with the smoker. I had never used them. I did not like how they were laying in the rack so I just put them on the grills. Two racks with Butt Rub and 1 with the Coffee Rub.



Here is the pork shoulder after almost 4 hours.



Pulled the shoulder at 175 and foiled it until it hit 200 then pulled and let sit wrapped in towels in the ice chest for an hour. It hit 200 after only 7 1/2 hours. At 4:00 I foiled the ribs and put them back in the smoker for another hour.

Very happy with how everything turned out.I probably could have left the ribs on a little longer with no ill effects. There is always next time. 

Invited the neighbor over and eat well. Will have plenty of left overs for lunch next week.
The coffee rub was the da bomb as my 5 year old said.




Everyone have a great safe 4th

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Looks fantastic!  Mouth watering as I viewed!

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Great Qview, thanks for sharing!  That pp does look delicious!  

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Thanks,. I was very pleased with the PP Had some PP sandwiches for lunch on the lake today. Packed PP burrito's for lunch tomorrow.

Thanks for the compliments

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