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First Brisket with q-view

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OK Takin the plunge into brisket. I have read all of the wiki items about this so here it goes. Got a 13 pound packer from Restaurant Depot and commenced to trim the fat. I separated the flat from the point so i would fit into my small smoker. Rubbed it down with my favorite rub and let sit overnight. Got it on about 6AM this morning with the point on the bottom rack and the flat on the middle. First pic is right out of the fridge(point is on the top and the flat on the bottom). The second is at the start of the smoke. I have placed the fat trimmings on the rack above the flat to drip down and keep the meat moist.



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The separation looks good. If you have another rack available, place a pan underneath the meat to catch the drippings. They will make a beautiful gravy, or add it back into the meat for an au jus.


Regardless, nice looking beef smoke!

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Here we are at 3 hours



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Coming up on the 5 hour point. Everything is looking good so far. The flat is at 163 and the point is at 159. It looks like a plateau is starting.

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The flat is now at 186 and the point at 180. The beans are on  and smokin away. Waiting patiently but it is very hard.

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Here is the flat.....Tastes incredible!!!!


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Beautiful flat w/ a great smoke ring!!!!

 Looks like you scored a hit w/ this one.

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Thats the most beautiful smoke ring Ive ever seen

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Very nice. I need to read more about how to do this in my smoker!

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Nice job Alamar!


Great Smoke Ring !




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wow very nice, rich looking smoke ring. very yummy looking samich meat......

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That looks wonderful. GREAT smoke ring. Sure doesn't look like your first one!

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Great looking brisket, as everyone else has already stated, that smoke ring is GREAT!  Getting ready to do my flat this weekend, did you do as many of the posting have stated and foiled...also, did you spritz or mop?  Thanks for any feedback!

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Nice job! What a ring on that baby!

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Yes that is an amazing smoke Ring!!!  You did great for your first Brisket.  Congrats!

As DeanNC said- Fill us in on the details of the mops and sauces and temps.

Again Great Job!!

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